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New Website Ideas - Implemented

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36 Likes Point Levels - won't implement
The old community site had a feature where it would show a name when you reached a certain number...
by uwe999   6 years ago

Settled in for a 14 hour flight to Doha / then 4 hours to Athens ..... cya chaps .... be good! Too...
4 years ago
22 Likes New Website Feature - Ride Status - won't implement
I was thinking about this one a while ago and it just popped back into my head: Wouldn't it be cool...
by uwe999   6 years ago

funny but true. There will be a time when there are electronic boxes installed on our automobiles/...
4 years ago
6 Likes New Name for the "Restricted Photos" section - won't implement
Hey everyone, I know this has been beaten to death but I have a question for you all. I personally...
by Skeeter229   6 years ago

Was pretty funny good call.!!!!
4 years ago
4 Likes Video File Upload to our own website - won't implement
Currently we have Youtube and Vimeo video support enabled on the site. The Help section has a video...
by uwe999   6 years ago

Hi all, I'm marking this one as "won't implement" since there wasn't a lot of request for it and it...
4 years ago