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New Website Ideas

Please help prioritize new website features by voting for some of the ideas below. You can either give it a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down". Feel free to submit your own ideas as well.
Ideas with the highest votes won't necessarily get implemented first and it doesn't guarantee that they get implemented at all.
However, it's very helpful for the future direction of our community.

Likes Discussion Comments Latest Activity
6 Likes Please no commercial video at the end of RIP tributes
Is there a way not to have commercial video at the end of any RIP tributes to fallen riders,...
by triumphin   5 years ago

Good one Randy. 100% agree.
5 years ago
5 Likes Restricted Video area
We have a Restricted area for pics. Some video content has been a little outside regular content....
by als1953   3 years ago

OMG!!! "Flap-flip-flap".......
3 years ago
5 Likes Technical repository
I was thinking that maybe we could have a technical repository (big word of the evening !) instead...
by theturbo   5 years ago

that might come in handy
5 years ago
5 Likes Comment rating feature
Hi Uwe. Is it possible to add a "thumb up" button for a simple comment on discussions, photos and...
by Polssken   5 years ago


5 years ago
4 Likes Site Stats
How many would be interested in some site stats. I.e. Number of new members who join each day....
by hidetooler   5 years ago

What's that in the new money Tony?
5 years ago
4 Likes Interactive Location Map?
Anyone interested in having an Interactive Location Map?  That way we could see who lives nearby or...
by rangerider_45   4 years ago

I'm for it...
4 years ago
4 Likes Scottish Flag
I'm sorry to sound like a rebel but why is there no mention of Scotland in your list of countries....
by lesleymorrison7   3 years ago

Yep I agree.
2 years ago
4 Likes Adding recipients to messages - Website Idea
Recently I have been organising a few things using the message feature. One problem I have found is...
by beachy   5 years ago

Yes. Arthurs ritis and need for pills. Lots and lots of pills.
5 years ago
4 Likes Maintenance Planner/Tracker
Another feature suggested to me by Chris (SeeDub): A feature on the site where you can keep track...
by uwe999   5 years ago

Anything that "helps" me remember things, Im all for !
5 years ago
3 Likes Photo Warning
Let me state up front I have no issues whatsoever with Restricted photos. I like them. I often look...
by Washbrook   5 years ago

Hager, it has happened a couple of times and yes they were in the restricted area so nobody's fault...
5 years ago