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New Website Ideas

Please help prioritize new website features by voting for some of the ideas below. You can either give it a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down". Feel free to submit your own ideas as well.
Ideas with the highest votes won't necessarily get implemented first and it doesn't guarantee that they get implemented at all.
However, it's very helpful for the future direction of our community.

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2 Likes New Ideas for weekly Polls
Just wondering if anyone else is interested in the age breakdown of the CCC members...perhaps a...
by kjborn38   6 years ago

ummm...what was the question???
5 years ago
1 Like Turbocharge the Website
The intial project to speed up the website has been completed. Pages load and render in 2-3 seconds...
by uwe999   5 years ago

1 Like Mods to Mobile for CCC
Would it be possible to add a "last" for flicking through pages on a mobile. When there are a lot...
by tezza   4 years ago

1 Like Name for 25000 point level
Here are some name options but feel free to add others to this post. I will submit the results to...
by xarmymedic   6 years ago

Then Phil I must be TOOOOOmuchtimeonyourhands-ium.....LMAO
6 years ago
1 Like page numbers for photo pages
it a small thing but I notice when you go to photos you see 12 or 16 images and the option to go to...
by jmckxvs   5 years ago

thanks Uwe seems to work pretty quick.
5 years ago
1 Like Who would like to join a Skype Group Call
I just had a Skype video call with Rick (skeeter229) and he had a great idea - doing a Skype group...
by uwe999   5 years ago

Im up for it...............( I wont get into "trouble if you see stuff thats not " considerd "...
5 years ago
1 Like CCC Points level, and names..
Soooo, here is my suggestion on the topic,...If you like it, let Uwe know, if you don't like it,...
by ocanada   6 years ago

Man that was lot of reading to catch up on Tony's idea! what was it we were discussing again 8-)
6 years ago
1 Like Events Tab
I had not seen this feature before and just found it. you can even filter the reslts thats great....
by jmckxvs   5 years ago

glad you like it, please add some events from your area
5 years ago
1 Like HTML Is it coming soon
Is HTML coming soon to our profile pages so we can jazz them up and and leave nice pics on our...
by lucky57   6 years ago

not getting the smileys on this end - only on the profile comments
6 years ago
1 Like free shipping and items on sale
hi, you schould make items on sale or free shipping for more than 1 day only or this weekend only,...
by nickymetromagna   3 years ago

Go figure Nicky ... lots of price gouging in the Australian market for lots of things!
3 years ago