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New Website Ideas

Please help prioritize new website features by voting for some of the ideas below. You can either give it a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down". Feel free to submit your own ideas as well.
Ideas with the highest votes won't necessarily get implemented first and it doesn't guarantee that they get implemented at all.
However, it's very helpful for the future direction of our community.

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1 Like adding photos
Does anyone know why I can upload pics, but they only go to "my photos" not the "new photos".  I'm...
by JRLeal   4 years ago

4 years ago
1 Like new web site tab
add a new tab to access the "Tip Of The Week". I find the TOTW helpful for the do it your self...
by graybiker   5 years ago

I clicked Vidios and there was the link, I must need new glasses. Thanks
5 years ago
1 Like Photos
Some times I like to look at all the new photos posted and find it a pain to look at one, then go...
by Washbrook   4 years ago

Same with videos if you want ro replay them once more...
4 years ago
1 Like Apps for ANDROID
I know there is an I-Phone app but when are we going to get an App for Android ? Or , have I just...
by ynkmup   5 years ago

by the way, we are working on a smartphone optimized size to solve the "fat finger problem" http://...
5 years ago
1 Like Calender by region...
There is a large amount of folks here and all spread out across different regions of the world...
by hvywheel   6 years ago

Seems a good idea!
5 years ago
1 Like Retiring the "Tribes" Feature
Just as we add new features from time to time we should also remove some unused featurs to simplify...
by uwe999   3 years ago

C.C.C. is my tribe.
2 years ago
1 Like Hitting the "ENTER" button !!!
Why is it that when I scribe a comment and then hit the "ENTER" button that nothing appears or...
by ynkmup   6 years ago

6 years ago
1 Like I would like a possibility to add a pic in a comment I make......
Yesterday I made a comment on the Vid Tezza posted a few days ago called: "2014 Katoomba CCC rally...
by GertNL   4 years ago

Ok....... Thanks!
4 years ago
1 Like Android App??
If the Iphone app works out how about an android version, we are not all slaves to Steve Jobs and...
by jmckxvs   5 years ago

Hi John, good point, I was thinking more about a tablet like the iPad. On the iPhone or smartphone...
5 years ago
1 Like Sideways arrow
Uwe.  Love it.  Thanks.
by PhilCole   4 years ago

Mrs C is a lovely lady...well she must be. I've got her credit card.....
4 years ago