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Please help prioritize new website features by voting for some of the ideas below. You can either give it a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down". Feel free to submit your own ideas as well.
Ideas with the highest votes won't necessarily get implemented first and it doesn't guarantee that they get implemented at all.
However, it's very helpful for the future direction of our community.

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1 Like Events Tab
I had not seen this feature before and just found it. you can even filter the reslts thats great....
by jmckxvs   5 years ago

glad you like it, please add some events from your area
5 years ago
0 Likes Xvs 650 dragster classic
Hi can anyone suggest the best place to order the 2007 manuals and pars for my biķe ?
by Carolgreenaway   6 months ago

parts ebay , got all mine from there, also made some stuff
6 months ago
0 Likes Features on "My Profile" site
Well, for some time ago I always got a little icon on the top of the site when somebody wrote a...
by Polssken   5 years ago

I would appretiate it Uwe... I just realized how many "wall" messages I missed....
5 years ago
0 Likes Enlarge photos for viewing.
Anyway you could allow clicking on a photo to be enlarged if the orginal upload was larger than the...
by mrbusybusy   2 years ago

A simple way of enlarging is hold down Ctrl key and move mouse wheel to increase/decrease size....
2 years ago
0 Likes messages
Is it possible to add a member to a ongoing group message after its inital start. if not can this...
by lucky57   5 years ago

I think we looked into this when we were working n the welcome video Dennis.
5 years ago
0 Likes FLTRU
When are you going to add the Road Glide Ultra to your type of motorcycle ? There is a Road Glide...
by LOCOENGR   2 years ago

2 years ago
0 Likes More PM's
At the moment you can't send more than 20 pm's a day, is there a way to increase that amount of pm'...
by far254   3 years ago

I also get blocked here and there. PM's are a good way for some members to keep conversations going...
3 years ago
0 Likes Tapatalk vs Mobile Browser
Is there a Tapatalk addon available for the site? If so, can someone activate it? I mainly use my...
by HDKorp   3 years ago

0 Likes Only one bike in profile?
I'm sure this has been addressed before (sorry) but why can I only list one bike on my profile?...
by aviaator   4 years ago

So would I it taking too bloody long I'm still getting the rear seat and fender sorted out but I...
4 years ago