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issue with the m109r and the c109r specifically 08/09
Just putting it out there, has anybody had any issues with major mechanical breakdowns due to...
by leos109   5 years ago

22 neoMorgan can someone help me out my m109r 1800 it cuts power when u are riding over 160km/h, then i tryed to...
2 weeks ago
Suspension/ load carry
I have a 2000 Suzuki intruder 1500 Lc. I’m a big guy 425lbs but I’m 6”6 so I’m a foot ball player...
by David73   3 weeks ago

Welcome to the site. Judgemental junk doesn't fly here. I'm down from 383 to 283 at 6'3". Anyway;...
3 weeks ago
Weight limit
Can anyone tell me what the safe weight limit for combined driver & passenger for a ‘97 Honda...
by Sebrina   1 month ago

Vardy your correct.... tires will have max weight with max air pis on the side wall.
1 month ago
Self cancelling turn signals.
Santa, add this to my list.
by Edwins   1 year ago

I’m with you Wayne. Valk is manual, Oldwing are auto. I turn them off manually as soon as I turn.
1 month ago
science behind fast curves safely
Wayne (Scruffy) does this, it is something I need to practice more, the link explains it.  https://...
by triumphin   4 months ago

Thanks Randy I've taken a lot away with reading those articles, very valuable information.
2 months ago
Correct line through a corner
A very short and simple video but with a coupl,e of key tips. It is a US video so the cornering is...
by vardy   1 year ago

The video was OK - the main thing he erred on was SPEED of Entry - No mention of SPEED and BRAKING...
3 months ago
LED lights
Does anyone know of LED driving lights that fit into to fairing to replace the fog lights on my...
by Dan1141   6 months ago

Cool,, That will light up the night
6 months ago
even moderate alcohol may be bad in the long run or SHORT 1??  the pharmacist...
by triumphin   11 months ago

Oyster favorite. I often (twice a year) ride to the coast to get 50 large oysters to...
7 months ago
Honda Interstate Wind Buffeting at 60mph plus
Am not happy about large amount of wind buffetting and helmet shake at speeds above 60mph. Note...
by johnnylouisiana   4 years ago

triumphin This might help out.
8 months ago
Indian safety recall
Hey Matt ... have you seen this :
by vardy   1 year ago

Thanks. It is keeping me happy.
11 months ago