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I survived a head on accident
At the beginning of February this year I was on my way home from work when I was hit by a driver...
by WhiteVStar   1 week ago

Wow that's just crazy stuff. You certainly had your guardian Angel's on duty that night. Amazing...
6 days ago
Front brakes 2010 stateline
When I hit front brake I hear a buzzing noise
by Joe6050   3 weeks ago

I still would take a look at the pads. Look to see if the wear is even on inner and outer pads. NO...
1 week ago
ButtyBuddy for my Lady Friend?
Anyone use a ButtyBuddy for their backseater? My girl says the back seat of the Fat Lady hurts her...
by dwmitchell61   3 weeks ago

What pillion seat are you using now? Don't know a thing about the ButtyBuddy. Looks like a...
3 weeks ago
LED headlamp conversion
Has anyone done a LED headlamp conversion?  Is there room in the headlamp cover? Any other issues?
by MichaelSpector   1 month ago

Edwins Eynstyn Posted this after the install. Read thru...
1 month ago
VN1600 classic... Serious issue! Do you own one?
So, I have a vn1600 classic great reliable bike... until a week ago. I noticed a Very strong fuel...
by biker4life1996   7 months ago

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Did you get to keep the other tan?. Check out...
1 month ago
issue with the m109r and the c109r specifically 08/09
Just putting it out there, has anybody had any issues with major mechanical breakdowns due to...
by leos109   6 years ago

25 RomeoTulay FI flashing,, trouble from defective fuel tank gauge..pls. help...
2 months ago
Vstar 1100 classic
i looking to buy a vstar 1100 classic 4849 miles and the out the door price is $3264 is this a good...
by LayLow   3 months ago

make sure you want a vstar 1100, does it come with an oil relocation kit, if not the front pipes...
2 months ago
The dark side
Okay gentleman I've heard a lot of discussion my question is I have an 05 Honda Goldwing a lot of...
by Jerrymeans3   8 months ago

Charlie, I've asked dark side guys I know about the insurance side. They all tell me their insurer...
3 months ago
Worldwide Motorcycle Accident Statistics and Causes
It's important to have some numbers to be able to look at trends and understand the main causes of...
by uwe999   7 years ago

6 Mamoi18 This is shocking! I am very scared of road accidents after I have been into one. It was long time...
5 months ago
Self cancelling turn signals.
Santa, add this to my list.
by Edwins   2 years ago

17 Mike128 Hi guys If you would like to have turn signals cancelled, use smart turn system
7 months ago