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VN1600 classic... Serious issue! Do you own one?
So, I have a vn1600 classic great reliable bike... until a week ago. I noticed a Very strong fuel...
by biker4life1996   12 hours ago

12 min ago
issue with the m109r and the c109r specifically 08/09
Just putting it out there, has anybody had any issues with major mechanical breakdowns due to...
by leos109   6 years ago

24 Rockmcarn Bought my m109r five years ago,new. After the first month, I stopped using 1st and 2nd gear. I...
4 days ago
Vision Front Fender - Major Design Flaw
The Victory Vision 2 piece front fender rear section has cracked and broken on several bikes...
by RHKman   5 years ago

17 RobertRorick Now this is BS there was a recall a service recall they were replacing them. The BS part I bought a...
1 week ago
Top heavy. Pulls left
Anyone know what might be the cause? The bike runs great. But it pulls to the left really bad when...
by Michael63   3 weeks ago

front brake could be dragging, how are the tires? when i had an intruder my front was cupping and...
3 weeks ago
The dark side
Okay gentleman I've heard a lot of discussion my question is I have an 05 Honda Goldwing a lot of...
by Jerrymeans3   4 weeks ago

I had a friend just this summer he had a car tire on his Gold wing. He ran it for years. Until one...
3 weeks ago
V-STAR Shaft Problems
A search of the web reveals that some V-star 1100 riders have experienced broken shafts. I am...
by kenharrower   4 years ago

9 James58 I have not heard of anyone having problems with chef driven bike but that being said my 2009V*650...
2 months ago
Headlight Strobe
My headlight strobes when I go to high beam. It stays on solid on low. I was told this is a safety...
by RonnieHays   3 months ago

Such wonderfully helpful people here. They are just such delightful little cherubs.
2 months ago
Anyone know the best New LED high low head lamp?
 I have a Harley Davidson sportster, they have the DayMaker but have read many problems with them...
by Dholliy   2 years ago

7 CaptShefield So did anyone get the LEDs? And if so, a review.
2 months ago
Broken rear brake bolt
I had the rear brake stripper bolt bolt snap off at the base of the threads and i am interested to...
by PhilBarthel   3 months ago

Just replace the bolt. It is just one of the things that happen now and then.
3 months ago
Suspension/ load carry
I have a 2000 Suzuki intruder 1500 Lc. I’m a big guy 425lbs but I’m 6”6 so I’m a foot ball player...
by David73   5 months ago

Welcome to the site. Judgemental junk doesn't fly here. I'm down from 383 to 283 at 6'3". Anyway;...
5 months ago