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May CCC Dragon Ride 2013
Dates for 2013 May 17-19 A collection of CCC's finest are set to meet up again at The Tail of the...
by moreland4   5 years ago

Yeah James.............dont you already have a clone "nearby " ?? Hee hee .........sorry , just...
3 years ago
Anyone caught adding three words ........
As of this day forth anyone caught adding to the thread " Add three words" shall be put in "Time...
by ynkmup   4 years ago

Bestest team won!!! :-)
4 years ago
Blue Mountains Aussie CCC rally 2014
After much deliberation and research we are pleased to announce that the annual CCC rally in 2014...
by AussieSteve   4 years ago

Oh Phil. you have become trailer trash and you have not even taken delivery of your trailer yet....
2 years ago
Where is Roadwolf?
View Where is Roadwolf? in a larger map Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to...
by uwe999   4 years ago

I suspect Roadie and Biker Animal both decided to become MONKS. Yes I know, hell is about to break...
4 months ago
New Poll - Loud Pipes Save Lives
Please vote for the poll. What's your opion? 
by uwe999   4 years ago

What did will do wrong Steve? Gazza, I thought it sounded a bit too lumpy for the Kwaka.
2 years ago
I have MBS
I developed symptoms of MBS about 10 years ago. At first I was in denial, how could this happen to...
by uwe999   4 years ago

Settle you guys, settle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
New dates for Barossa Valley 2013
After many emails yesterday and today I realised that I had booked the Barossa Valley CCC rally for...
by PhilCole   4 years ago

Ooops...thought you'd be at Yambuck. lol Hey, is that why they call me "Sand paper"?
4 years ago
Online show and shine, I could use your help!
Hey dudes I've entered my bike in an online show and shine at Beltdrivebettys..Last year I got my...
by ocanada   4 years ago

You had it the bag 2weeks ago tony lol
4 years ago
Does it exist?
I'm looking for a discussion, ANY discussion, on here that has stayed ON TOPIC.... I swear I can't...
by Dimitra   4 years ago

234 spirit7 You know Randy! The "stuff" that we don't talk about much. Like hammocks and beaches and ice cold...
4 years ago
Free Gifts for Members
sorry, we currently don't have any free merchandise available.
by uwe999   4 years ago

231 Thistle That is awesome, I love motorcycle t-shirts.
1 year ago