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May CCC Dragon Ride 2013
Dates for 2013 May 17-19 A collection of CCC's finest are set to meet up again at The Tail of the...
by moreland4   7 years ago

Yeah James.............dont you already have a clone "nearby " ?? Hee hee .........sorry , just...
6 years ago
Anyone caught adding three words ........
As of this day forth anyone caught adding to the thread " Add three words" shall be put in "Time...
by ynkmup   7 years ago

Bestest team won!!! :-)
6 years ago
Where is Roadwolf?
View Where is Roadwolf? in a larger map Roadwolf was born as a biker to visit from CCC member to...
by uwe999   7 years ago

You must have plenty of patience Randy.
11 months ago
Blue Mountains Aussie CCC rally 2014
After much deliberation and research we are pleased to announce that the annual CCC rally in 2014...
by AussieSteve   6 years ago

Oh Phil. you have become trailer trash and you have not even taken delivery of your trailer yet....
4 years ago
2017 Ride
Hey everyone. Wayne and I have been talking and next June 23 we are going to meet in a little town...
by vsnetzinger   2 years ago

Goodonya Steve ... fly the flag for all of us that would like to be there but can't !
2 years ago
New Poll - Loud Pipes Save Lives
Please vote for the poll. What's your opion? 
by uwe999   6 years ago

What did will do wrong Steve? Gazza, I thought it sounded a bit too lumpy for the Kwaka.
4 years ago
I have MBS
I developed symptoms of MBS about 10 years ago. At first I was in denial, how could this happen to...
by uwe999   7 years ago

Settle you guys, settle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
New dates for Barossa Valley 2013
After many emails yesterday and today I realised that I had booked the Barossa Valley CCC rally for...
by PhilCole   7 years ago

Ooops...thought you'd be at Yambuck. lol Hey, is that why they call me "Sand paper"?
6 years ago
Online show and shine, I could use your help!
Hey dudes I've entered my bike in an online show and shine at Beltdrivebettys..Last year I got my...
by ocanada   6 years ago

You had it the bag 2weeks ago tony lol
6 years ago
Does it exist?
I'm looking for a discussion, ANY discussion, on here that has stayed ON TOPIC.... I swear I can't...
by Dimitra   6 years ago

234 spirit7 You know Randy! The "stuff" that we don't talk about much. Like hammocks and beaches and ice cold...
6 years ago