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2020 cc ride
So where to next year? Sugestions requested. Someone thought the Grand Canyon Another suggestion...
by vsnetzinger   4 weeks ago

COOL:: I can spend more $$ and still come home with the extra cash..
4 days ago
2016 Ultra limited radio issues
Hello, I am a new member and was wondering if any other Ultra owners are having the same issue I am...
by topbasura   2 months ago

Okay, here goes. Heat causes expansion. In some cases, this is very useful. The hot air balloon....
2 months ago
Issue in turns
2011 1700 Nomad The air in Tires & Shocks are correct: When taking a turn either right or left...
by SweetScarlet   2 months ago

MY 2007 Stratoliner did this same thing. I changed my rear shock to a progressive one. and...
2 months ago
The best laid plans........
Just a little something to consider for those headed to the Blue Ridge Ride this June. Now for an...
by Edwins   3 months ago

Hope you feel better soon. I’m meeting up with Tee in New Market and going from there
2 months ago
2019 US CC ride
I know many people are thinking about where to ride next year. Edwin has suggested the Ashville NC...
by vsnetzinger   1 year ago

Cool. I wont be there till 4 or 5. I'm leaving Tennessee and going up to front royal and riding...
2 months ago
Just curious
Is there anyone in the Tallahassee and Crawfordville Florida area know of any motorcycle clubs for...
by chrisself06   4 months ago

Check with local dealers and shops. They usually know the local scene. The Honda dealership might...
4 months ago
2018 USA CC Ride-Eureka Springs, Arkansas
If you're a member on this site then, this is your invite!!!!!!!!! June 25th thru June28thhttp://...
by Edwins   1 year ago

3 more days. Hope everyone has a safe trip there. God willing I will avoid storms. Got a bunch...
1 year ago
Mulholland Drive vs The Dragon's tail
A shout to anyone who has had the experience OF RIDING BOTH?  If so, which is the more gnarly one...
by triumphin   6 years ago

It's hard to compare the two. While both are in the mountains Mulholland has the best scenery. Lot...
1 year ago
New Jets won't run right
I just put new jets in my carbs did everything right it ran good before I started changing the Jets...
by John178   1 year ago

1 year ago
not starting
i have a 2006 roadstar silverado if i ride it for a lenghty period of time as long as i dont shut...
by bambam1958   1 year ago

How old is the battery? It sound like it is still charging OK. If your battery is over 3-4 years...
1 year ago