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Hello, everyone.
Hello, everyone! I appreciate the site here, you have really created something interesting to be...
by Bubbachicken   11 months ago

Hi Bill - Here is a link for a Service Manual Free PDF -
11 months ago
Replacing rear break pad on Intruder 1400
Hello, Does anyone know where I could find instruction on how to replace intruder 1400 rear break...
by SimonKhin   1 year ago

Just pull the pins and replace the pads. You may have to push the pistons back a ways. All you need...
1 year ago
Intruder 1400 exhaust mod new baffles by braid
  Suzuki 1400 intruder muffler mod. First drill just the rivet heads off that hold the...
by BRAID   8 years ago

12 Hamish1 Hi there Braid, I too am after the pics for this mod. I was planning on drilling out the baffles...
3 years ago
Honda CTX1300 Deluxe vs. Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring
They are an odd couple, Moto Guzzi’s California 1400 Touring and Honda’s new-for-2014 CTX1300. Both...
by theturbo   4 years ago

I like the Moto fugly
4 years ago