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Extended cables for ape hangers
I'm looking for somewhere to buy extended cables to put a set of ape hangers on my 1998 intruder...
by Jriggs0913   1 month ago

Depending on what size apes I may have an extra set as well as a clutch cable too.
4 days ago
Ape hangers??
I have a 2002 Suzuki intruder 1400 with the stock handle bar, how tall of a handle bar can I put...
by Cody16   9 months ago

It's not a big job to find out yourself and I think that's the best way to do. Just remove the nuts...
9 months ago
Apes, mini apes???
Kicking the idea around of changing my stock bars out on my 07 vstar 1300. I believe the stock bars...
by Luciano   9 months ago

That's a good analogy Randy, very true. Those are good resources on the topic, thanks for sharing.
9 months ago
Apehangers - Who uses 'em?
Gday, So I did a handlebar conversion on my bike about 6 months or more ago from standard bars to a...
by chopsAU   5 years ago

I personally love them. I just bought a 2015 HD Fat Bob and switched to 14" Wild 1 Chubby ape...
2 years ago
Going Ape
Going Ape Thinking about apes but hesitating? Myths and theories aside, do you want to know how...
by Dimitra   3 years ago

Dang it, I missed my chance to make millions. Forgot to send in the photo when they were...
3 years ago
Don't trust them
I found a set of 16" apes for my street glide   I email all my info to them  they replied to me and...
by JeffRauch   3 years ago

Hey there Jeff, So sorry to hear of this... I cant look up any of your order info on here. I'd like...
3 years ago
New cables
Hey guys and gals, Can anybody suggest a place in western sydney that I can get some new braided...
by chopsAU   3 years ago

Thanks Beachy, I was hoping I would get a response from some of them. I guess I'll just message...
3 years ago
problems finding a windshield to fit a 2002 heritage springer softail FLSTS. got 16" apes on it and...
by packergirl   4 years ago

thank u, for now going with the slipstreamer sport s-06 in smoke.
4 years ago