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Discussions tagged "Aussie Rallies"

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Aussie 2017 Not The CCC Rally
Hi All.I have just spoken with the motel owners where we are planning going for 2017 Not The CCC...
by PhilCole   2 years ago

I was bloody pleased about that too!!!!!!
4 months ago
Streaky Bay 2015
Hi All. Below is the accommodation price lists for the week in Streaky Bay.  Those who wish to...
by PhilCole   3 years ago

excelent ill keep watch
3 years ago
Streaky Bay April 2015
I put this up a couple of weeks ago but I have receieved 2 calls saying they can't find it.  Here...
by PhilCole   3 years ago

Phil, was I there? Did I enjoy myself?
3 years ago
Aussies to Streaky Bay
Hi Aussies, I have just put up a post about the Streaky Bay weekend under the Rallies heading. Have...
by PhilCole   3 years ago