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Discussions tagged "baffles"

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Modifying pipes
Just drilled out my baffle. Bike sounds great however for all of the guys on these forums who say...
by Noela   8 months ago

In a lot of cases you’ll get a little pop when you let off no matter how precisely tuned your bike...
8 months ago
Removing stock Baffles
I have had my 2015 Dyna Wide Glide 8 months now. Everyone I spoke with kept telling me to not...
by NO4NJNK   2 years ago

Rejetting the carb is a bit more detailed than letting the ECU fix the minor problem. I'm sure you...
2 years ago
Intruder 1400 exhaust mod new baffles by braid
  Suzuki 1400 intruder muffler mod. First drill just the rivet heads off that hold the...
by BRAID   9 years ago

12 Hamish1 Hi there Braid, I too am after the pics for this mod. I was planning on drilling out the baffles...
3 years ago
Installing baffles and adjusting carbs
I de baffled my V&H Longshots on my Intruder. I love the way it sounds, but I'm kinda sick of...
by BigRed1999   3 years ago

The correct fuel mixture is vitally important, too lean will cause overheating and can burn out...
3 years ago
excellent service- great prices
I first ordered a pair of baffles, then a tachometer. After reviewing various reviews the pricing...
by ricardo2   5 years ago

Big City Thunder Monster Baffles
Hi Everyone!  I have been thinking about getting these baffles for my Stryker because it is wayyy...
by Tazmiz   5 years ago

Gear to Hear Tazmiz. There is nothing more satisfying than a bike that sounds bloody cool! post...
5 years ago