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Fender, bolts
First, thanks for allowing me to join. The book says the four rear fender bolts are 8-26. That...
by Kenvt1100c2   3 months ago

Which bolts? What are they holding together.?
2 months ago
Oil drain plug
What is the reason for the Phillips screw head in the middle of the oil drain bolt. Does it need to...
by DavidEnglert   9 months ago

2 ViragoJoe I do believe the screw holds the magnet in place within the drain plug. The drain plug torque is 31...
5 months ago
Broken rear brake bolt
I had the rear brake stripper bolt bolt snap off at the base of the threads and i am interested to...
by PhilBarthel   1 year ago

Just replace the bolt. It is just one of the things that happen now and then.
1 year ago
Seatbolt Stripped on VStar Classic. HELP
I cranked down too hard on the rear seat finished nut (14mm) and striped the rear seat bolt. Vstar...
by BrianSDRider   4 years ago

this may be an option, or this...
4 years ago
Harley-Davidson Street 750 vs. Yamaha Star Bolt
COMPARISON TEST: Harley-Davidson Street 750 vs. Yamaha Star Bolt
by theturbo   4 years ago

New Baron Items for Yamaha Bolt
Baron Custom Accessories has just released some brand new accessories for the 2014 Yamaha Bolt....
by Zee331   5 years ago

I like the straight & slash cuts way better than the stock mufflers. Is it just me or do the...
5 years ago
New Accessories For Yamaha Bolt
More new Yamaha Star Bolt accessories are hitting the market. Low and Mean for instance has just...
by Zee331   5 years ago

Star Yamaha Bolt Accessories
The excitement regarding Yamaha's recent release of the new Star Bolt has been huge. Yamaha seems...
by Zee331   6 years ago

950 Bolt wiring fault recall
If you know of anyone with a new Star 950 Bolt, this might interest them.
by theturbo   6 years ago

I posted on the RoadStar Warriors forum about this when I first read of the recall. One of the...
6 years ago
Anyone own a Yamaha Bolt yet?
When I first saw the first thread on the new Yamaha "Bolt" I wasn't really impressed.  The theme of...
by rangerider_45   6 years ago

Stick to the Triumph Randy , style lasts forever , lookalikes come and go .
6 years ago