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Discussions tagged "boulevard"

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c90t brake issue
Hey all, I've had my 08 c90t for around 2 months, I upgraded previously from a honda shadow spirit...
by DaShawnCartier   1 year ago

I would drain and refill the brake fluid. When it gets dirty it may start to get a sticky check...
1 year ago
Newbie to site
Just wanted to say hello  I will add more to profile when I feel comfortable here. Love to ride and...
by KBCopInCo   2 years ago

Robin here, Customer Service Manager, wanted to welcome you to the community and let you know we...
2 years ago
c90 no power
hi, I have a 2006 suzuki c90. It has a new battery and today I went to start and nothing, no fuel...
by lespaul10   4 years ago

Great news!
4 years ago
Better Pricing Than EBAY Usually
Professional, Quality, Fast Shipping, you can receive this from just about any company. However...
by StephenNorman   5 years ago

Thats cool, I'm a poweseller on Ebay also and pending on the item, you never know unless you check...
5 years ago
How do I remove the air box covers?
is there anyone who can tell me how I remove my air box covers on my C109RT Boulevard? I am...
by AussieRay   5 years ago

Forgot to mention, thanks for the vote of confidence Casper
5 years ago
707 Boulevard Riders
Just finding people near me with the same bike
by Badassblvd07   6 years ago

safe rides to you
6 years ago
boulevard saddlebags
any suggestions on the best set of saddle bags for decent money to go on the 07 boulevard m50?...
by tylerchenevert   6 years ago

rick m50..the bags look good on youre bike. do they buckle underneath the straps or just use the...
6 years ago
m50 limited tank
ive been looking around and im unable to find an 07 suzuki boulevard m50 limited gas tank. mine has...
by tylerchenevert   6 years ago

the bike is in storage about an hour away from my house but ill be there for christmas and take...
6 years ago
New Group: Boulevard Riders Alberta
Renoloy has requested the following new Group for Cruiser Customizing: Boulevard Riders Alberta. ...
by ManyBikes   6 years ago

Fender Emblems
SOLD IN PAIRS OF other get 2 emblems.Available in these phrases: RoadHog -...
by ManyBikes   7 years ago

Hello from FRANCE Talking about PAIRS, I forgot to say HI to KELLY! RIDE and be HAPPY Keep the...
7 years ago