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Classic Grand Prix Barneveld 2016.
Saturday the 23th of July will be the next classic Grand Prix in Barneveld. It's a yearly event...
by GertNL   2 years ago

05 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic Seat
I am very uncomfortable riding on the Vulcan 1600 Classic stock seat.  Is there a good comfortable...
by Hali1   4 years ago

I also have the Mustang 2up seat on my 1600 Classic & several hours @ a time are not...
4 years ago
Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum
Some cool bikes in there! http://...
by theturbo   4 years ago

2002 yamaha vstar 1100 classic
Just bought this bike from a buddy that stored it inside when not using condition with only...
by Mikesbike1100   4 years ago

Welcome to CCC
4 years ago
Vstar 650 Fender Swap
Hey guys and gals, Has anybody ever done or considered doing a rear fender swap between a Classic...
by chopsAU   4 years ago

More or less gave up on this idea. I decided I would rather do what I need to, then put the pennies...
4 years ago
A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
An interesting article regarding the cost of classic bikes and the renovation costs vs actual value...
by theturbo   5 years ago

certain aspects that I could happily live without. Having said that, one day I will get one and do...
5 years ago
which way do you turn
here's another question, which way do you turn more aggresivley right or left. I find turning left...
by eynstyn   5 years ago

Simply easier to work the throttle turning to the left for me.
5 years ago
What is the difference in the 2007 Yamaha V Star 650 custom and the classic? I just bought mine and...
by MaribethHatch   5 years ago

6 MaribethHatch I bought it in Daytona Beach and I live in New Port Richey, FL so I'll just take it to one here....
5 years ago
Best fit for my V-star Classic 1100 - Lightbar and windshield
Can anyone point me in the right direction for a lightbar for my bike V-star 1100 classic 2004 mod...
by memorymoon   5 years ago

7 memorymoon Hello eynstyn the vinlander, They sure do But it is a jungle out there, and it is easy to get lost
5 years ago
hey has anyone repalced the oem windshield bolts on a vstar silverado shield with spike bolts? i...
by eynstyn   6 years ago

check this out on YouTube Mr. clean. v-star 1100 Silverado - YouTube
5 years ago