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Cobra Fi2000
Hi. What is different between open and close loop? Wich one is better for XVS1300A? Thanks! Vesa
by Vesalama2   1 week ago

ya what i said
1 week ago
2002 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Cobra Backfire
I recently bought a used 2002 yamaha vstar with cobra pipes on it. When I first got the bike it ran...
by Lee117   5 months ago

Make sure your baffles are in. Folks like to take them out for the louder pipes, but Cobra insists...
5 months ago
Cobra muffler slip ons
Thinking about ordering some cobra slip ons for my 2000 vt1100 shadow spirit. Any reviews or...
by Nick6   3 years ago

3 wasteddaze I just got done putting cobra pipes on my 2000 vt1100 tonight the beast is a fire breathing dragon...
9 months ago
2009 Vstar 1300 tourer Exhaust Questions
Hello I recently installed a cobra slip on, the cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Black fuel management system...
by coolitalian   1 year ago

As everyone knows,"at least thats what the video I watched said", the way to increase horse power...
1 year ago
Cobra Pipes
Hello everyone, New here to the forums and thought I would ask a question, not sure if this is the...
by RandyG   1 year ago

1 year ago
Press Release! PowrFlo Air Intake System Cobra Motorcycle
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                      Cobra Engineering Introduces New...
by ManyBikes   7 years ago

1 JuzriFlax Looking for the powerflo intake for the Suzuki m109
1 year ago
new pipes and clutch case
Love the perfect fit, thanks to your companies staffing professional.
by conniemanning   2 years ago

Vance and Hines vs. Cobra
I currently have V&H Straight Shots on my bike. Last week my buddy picked up a C90 with Cobra...
by BigRed1999   2 years ago

My old VN900 had Cobra Pipes and sounded awesome, now my Harley has V&H pipes and sounds...
2 years ago
2014 suzuki boulevard c50 hp
was curious to know if anyone could tell me what kind of hp gain i would have from adding a cobra...
by jeremymartin   3 years ago

I fitted Vance&Hine's straight shot's to mine & K&N Air filter & 3 size bigger jet'...
3 years ago
Avon Cobra Opinions please
I have to replace the OEM Bridgestones and I'm thinking Avon Cobra AV71 front and AV72 for the rear...
by Spad562   4 years ago

Thanx spratty. My son is away at the moment but when he gets back he wants to put his gopro on the...
3 years ago