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Apes, mini apes???
Kicking the idea around of changing my stock bars out on my 07 vstar 1300. I believe the stock bars...
by Luciano   11 months ago

That's a good analogy Randy, very true. Those are good resources on the topic, thanks for sharing.
11 months ago
2004 vstar 1100, I have a friend with an ultra classic he took his 12" bars off and went bigger...
by Booboo84   11 months ago

Theoretically both bikes take 1" in diameter bars so should fit, but I would wait for a more...
11 months ago
Handle bars
Has anyone change there bars on a Kawasaki Vulcan nomad and if so what are the steps do I need to...
by jonblack501   1 year ago

i am in the process of putting apehangers on my 2001 honda 1100 shadow and was informed that now we...
by wildman1979   2 years ago

It gets worse, Were all crazy here. LMAO In Kansas City, children can buy shotguns... but not toy...
2 years ago
Can I put handlebars for a 2014 tourer on My 2008 tourer without changing control Cables?
by JayBurnett   3 years ago

2 JayBurnett Thanks
3 years ago
Don't trust them
I found a set of 16" apes for my street glide   I email all my info to them  they replied to me and...
by JeffRauch   4 years ago

Hey there Jeff, So sorry to hear of this... I cant look up any of your order info on here. I'd like...
4 years ago