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I am wanting to add good quality hard saddlebags to my bike. Any suggestions? Has anyone used...
by lhouser   1 month ago

I put Viking bags on my 1100shadow Spirit, and was very happy with the quality of the bags, and the...
1 month ago
1998 Honda Shadow 750 Ace issues troubleshooting
Hello everyone I recently purchased a 1998 Honda Shadow American classic edition. Previous owner...
by Thrasher101   1 year ago

Non rebuildable petcock. I've been troubleshooting and have noticed that if you block off the tank...
1 year ago
Hey Randy ! A new Rebel is on its way.
by vardy   1 year ago

Yes, my Rebel is a '07 250 cc. 820 miles when I got it and now has 3200 miles in roughly 2 years...
1 year ago
Thank you Spratty!
Some months ago Spratty alerted me to a recall for my VFR 1200X Crosstourer in relation to the...
by vardy   1 year ago

6 BikerAnimal Soft? Hell, my brain is mush, LOL
1 year ago
Engine swap question
I have a 2000 shadow sabre with a. Vt1100c2 engine in it. The engine blew and I'm not sure if the...
by Hops4life   2 years ago

From what I could find, the cases have different part numbers. The crankshafts had the same number...
2 years ago
Hey everyone! I'm a new rider with his 1st bike...
Hey everyone. My name is Tim, I live in Oklahoma City, OK & I'm a new rider. Took my MSF course...
by TimCollins   2 years ago

Hi Tim, I will second what Randy said "good protective riding gear". Also Valerie said " I stick...
2 years ago
Z50 minibikes
Brings back memories!
by theturbo   2 years ago

Thanks Turbo. I just have to walk to the garage.
2 years ago
leaky vapor canister on my vt1100c2 ace
so i have just recently had this issue. I had painted my bike a different color, i used plastidip...
by owensgar   2 years ago

When you undo the petrol cap does it make a big woosh sound, If it does then I think your Breather...
2 years ago
Highway Hawk Extreme Fat Bars for vt750: anyone have them?
by Patti   3 years ago

I'm back! And with a new Bike!
First of all hello to all my brothers & sisters out there. I know, it's been awhile. Anyway you...
by CBcruiser   3 years ago

Scared at 140 mph? Thats where the fun begins! I had a suzuki hayabusa up to 186 two years ago wow...
3 years ago