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Hello, everyone.
Hello, everyone! I appreciate the site here, you have really created something interesting to be...
by Bubbachicken   1 week ago

Hi Bill - Here is a link for a Service Manual Free PDF -
6 days ago
Replacing rear break pad on Intruder 1400
Hello, Does anyone know where I could find instruction on how to replace intruder 1400 rear break...
by SimonKhin   6 months ago

Just pull the pins and replace the pads. You may have to push the pistons back a ways. All you need...
6 months ago
Electrical problems after engine overheating and failure
Story time. My friend lost the oil cap to his Intruder 800cc while on a road trip, and without his...
by Sean16   6 months ago

6 months ago
Ape hangers??
I have a 2002 Suzuki intruder 1400 with the stock handle bar, how tall of a handle bar can I put...
by Cody16   7 months ago

It's not a big job to find out yourself and I think that's the best way to do. Just remove the nuts...
7 months ago
Suzuki Intruder 250 workshop manual pdf
I have owned my 2001 Suzuki Intruder 250  for 6 months & need a workshop manual pdf to help me...
by peterwarke   7 months ago

Unfortunately, I haven't come across any freebies on this one. Most of the so-called free downloads...
7 months ago
Turn Signal Issue
I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to figure out why this must be: my right turn signal blinks...
by Cameron5   10 months ago

Usually it's the bulb. Could be getting ready to die. Try swapping it with one of the others to see...
10 months ago
Electrical Issues Intruder
I've been through 3 batteries in 3 years in my Suzuki Intruder 1500.  Had my stader replaced and...
by Clonigro   1 year ago

3 BikerAnimal I use a battery tender to keep my battery topped up during the off season. I installed the...
1 year ago
Intruder 1400 exhaust mod new baffles by braid
  Suzuki 1400 intruder muffler mod. First drill just the rivet heads off that hold the...
by BRAID   8 years ago

12 Hamish1 Hi there Braid, I too am after the pics for this mod. I was planning on drilling out the baffles...
2 years ago
Replacement Spotlights
has anyone ever purchased spotlights separate from the lightbar that comes on a 99 suzuki intruder...
by BigRed1999   2 years ago

Cylinder Issues
upon starting my 1999 Suzuki intruder 1500 LC, only one cylinder fires and after a moment of idling...
by BigRed1999   2 years ago

The compression test might tell what you need to know A leak down test will tell you more. A good...
2 years ago