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LED Passing Lamp Replacements for vstar 1100 or roadstar
I am trying to find a LED replacement for my sealed beam Passing Lamps.  The connection is just two...
by USDSUQ   6 months ago

LED Headlights w/ Reflector all in one.
6 months ago
Beyond LED's, from Edwins nerd side
 LED lighting is the current hot ticket but, science doesn't rest. OLED's and LEP's are the up and...
by Edwins   8 months ago

Thanks for the update.
8 months ago
Led headlight
Installed my new led headlight from Sam Beavin I wish I could add pic best 70 bux spent yet! Easy...
by DavidM2   1 year ago

Hopefully that works for you
1 year ago
Rear LED turn signal bar
I have fitted the rear LED turn signal bar to my 2013 victory hammer S as per instructions, fits...
by SiThompson   2 years ago

Which specific one did you install? Hyperflashing can be cured by changing the flasher relay ( if...
2 years ago
New 7" LED Headlight
These just arrived this week, and I can tell you they are bright! It is a 7" LED head lamp...
by SeeDub   2 years ago


2 years ago
installed Rivco LED mirrors. problem
I installed the mirrors and did the electrical connections.  It works but there is a problem.  The...
by kellan   2 years ago

I would be asking Rivco and Kuryakyn for advice.
2 years ago
Bright new H4 LED
Hey Guys and Gals, If you have been looking into replacing your headlight bulb you need to check...
by SeeDub   3 years ago

is it plug and play, may have some issues with wires touching the heatsink in the bucket.
2 years ago
Halogen to LED Conversion
Hello, I was recently having electrical problems with my 2005 XVS650 Silverado which I've concluded...
by ned008   3 years ago

3 years ago
led's v star classic
I'm currently in the process of installing led's on my bike I have it striped down no seats no gas...
by MRPsYCHoTiCEiGH   3 years ago

i have abunch of pics of my bike done with abunch of l.e.d.'s i just need to upload all the content
3 years ago
Installation of 3 wire
I ordered the BC-48-2418 LED Turn Signals for the rear of my Vstar Custom 1100. The lights appear...
by TimKarp   3 years ago