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Discussions tagged "my accessories"

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How to add a Product Review
On your member profile the "My Product Reviews" box shows all the products that you have reviewed...
by uwe999   6 years ago

just received my bike cover item number BBP-4-459AB Show Chrome Accessories Cruiser Cover - Large...
2 years ago
New Pipes
Just installed my new Cobra Slashdowns on my 2011 c50t .( Part number 3917 for those who are...
by zukirider509   5 years ago

the pipes look great and sound even better. gotta love'em
5 years ago
Show "my accessories" and "my wishlist" on your profile - Implemented
The product reviews feature aka "my accessoires" and the wishlist feature is still on the...
by uwe999   6 years ago

I'm marking this feature as "implemented". I'm still importing product reviews from CC into this...
6 years ago
GL1500, Chrome Fork End Cap Covers, Home Made
I searched everywhere before making my own Goldwing Fork End Cap Covers. I discovered that the only...
by dwgeo104   6 years ago

Yeah David....maybe I could adapt them for my Valk...? Pics?
6 years ago
Tax Refund
I knew I had it coming.  I just was slow it putting together my tax return.  Nothing fancy, just...
by brgossett22   8 years ago

Hagar you need some of Phils green ones to reduce the glare
8 years ago