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Discussions tagged "No spark"

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Code 25
My positive cable was loose like always tightened it up like before now I have no spark fuel pump...
by Scott51   1 month ago

That doesn't seem to be a full code. How to Read Error Codes With the ignition in the off...
1 month ago
only firing on 1 cylinder
2006 vstar classic , plug is good , tested it on the other side. coil is good , tested with meter...
by theadmiral   3 months ago

2 theadmiral thank you so much for the manual
3 months ago
Help with a no spark issue
So we've got a nintee 90 Suzuki intruder1400 that we're currently having no spark. We bought this...
by Agapecer   3 months ago

2007 V star 1300 no spark
Hello everyone! My name is Oscar, I'm new to the forum and new to the Yamaha family but not new to...
by shifterman69   4 months ago

No spark
Hello, I have an 05 vstar I was recently riding and the bike got to temp then cut out. Would start...
by Aalbaugh22   6 months ago

The usual suspect is a partially clogged pilot circuit The Pilot jet may be clogged.. Mixture screw...
6 months ago
No spark issue!!!
So my 01 v star 650 is not getting any spark. The spark plug boots are getting a constant 12v but...
by CoreySmith   1 year ago

I would check the wiring to the coils and then kickstand switch. I had a thermal switch go bad on...
1 year ago