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Cobra muffler slip ons
Thinking about ordering some cobra slip ons for my 2000 vt1100 shadow spirit. Any reviews or...
by Nick6   4 years ago

3 wasteddaze I just got done putting cobra pipes on my 2000 vt1100 tonight the beast is a fire breathing dragon...
1 year ago
How to add a Product Review
On your member profile the "My Product Reviews" box shows all the products that you have reviewed...
by uwe999   6 years ago

just received my bike cover item number BBP-4-459AB Show Chrome Accessories Cruiser Cover - Large...
2 years ago
No new reviews on profile & no wall posts on friends' walls.
Hey, Uwe! Hope that all guys & girls at the CC-HQ are havin' a great summer! I just want you to...
by darkrenegade   5 years ago

Thanks, Uwe! Btw. just to let you know, I can't remove these reviews (November-March) 'cause the...
5 years ago
Rider Rewards not updating
Hi Guys, Last week I somehow ended up with two different Rider rewards profiles now I have 1300...
by beachy   5 years ago

Ops, sorry I have 3 now.....
5 years ago
Opt into the "Product Help" Feature
A couple of months ago we launched the "product questions" feature where members can ask product...
by uwe999   5 years ago

I'm working on it....
5 years ago
Just noticed on the member database that I have 30 reviews showing. When I looked at my accessories...
by tezza   6 years ago

Great stuff Uwe.
6 years ago
Motorcycle Reviews - Looking for Testers
Thanks for the feedback for the motorcycle reviews feature. I have about 80% of the functionality...
by uwe999   6 years ago

thanks, your kudos are appreciated!
6 years ago
Add Motorcycle Reviews to the Site - Implemented
Randy (triumphin) had a great suggestion at:
by uwe999   6 years ago

finding things that fit is hard work Phil
6 years ago
Motorcycle Reviews - want to get your feedback.
Big thanks to Bill (xarmymedic) for researching and adding most of the 200 motorcycle specs to the...
by uwe999   6 years ago

Thanke Uwe
6 years ago
Motorcycle Reviews/Specs Feature - Need your help
Now that the "restricted Photo" feature has been completed I'm about to tackle the motorcycle...
by uwe999   6 years ago

Sorry Uwe....I was worn out after I did the Valkyrie one...and it's a bike I know most about.....
6 years ago