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2019 Ride for Dad - Calgary
Once again, the Telus Ride for Dad, in support of research and treatment for prostate cancer, will...
by lendirk   1 month ago

Glad to hear it, Gert! Let me know if you need another one. (maybe for the little Honda?)
1 month ago
Pros/cons honda stateline
anybody got expertise or thoughts on the honda stateline 2010 -2015?  
by larrybegg   3 years ago

9 Mike120 My 2010 Stateline bought 2011.................. Added Memphis shade batwing with low windshield,...
1 year ago
Ride The Ozarks Rally-2017
I got a nice invite postcard in the mail.Can't promise anything but it would be nice. http://www....
by Edwins   2 years ago

I just checked the long range weather forecast for the next eight weeks. I'll be in the garage next...
2 years ago
For Sydney Riders Interested In The Pink Ribbon Ride
I've added it to the Events section. Anyone interested in going, communicate through events for...
by tezza   2 years ago

Thanks Al. A great day. I'll be posting a vid soon.
2 years ago
New member
I have 3 kids ,married since 2005. 2 kids with my wife. I have a crazy work schedule, and im just...
by Silvergraycloud   2 years ago

My wifes pretty cool , i just tell her i wanna go for a ride and she hasn't told me no..... yet
2 years ago
2016 Motorcycle Ride For Dad
Check out the "Events" tab for more details on the Ride For Dad for 2016. In Calgary our ride day...
by lendirk   3 years ago

Lol. Yes, the boss says I have to sell one since I bought the 1800... For the same reasons. Room/...
2 years ago
cross riding
Hey who cross rides ? I ride cruisers, drag bikes motocross which is my favorite i do alot of...
by sapito   2 years ago

I would, if my Honda were done...
2 years ago
Local to me
Anyone from SWMO on here
by DavidM2   3 years ago

Close as I am is Jonesboro, AR about 4 hours from Springfield
3 years ago
Motorcycle missing under Adv. Yamaha
The Yamaha Tenere XT660z is missing for the list. Surely the bike inspired by Yamaha's first entry...
by chopsAU   3 years ago

Not even a short story
The crisp cool air can't deter. Hanging out to ride. It's always too long since the last time. It's...
by Dimitra   3 years ago

YES, very well done.
3 years ago