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California Mud Slide
Our thoughts and prayers go to all people affected by the recent mud slides in California.
by tezza   1 year ago

Well done Tezza... I agree.
1 year ago
A Sad Day
For members who aren't on facebook. This is what Uwe posted earlier. With great sadness I’ll have...
by tezza   2 years ago

There's a number of us that will be holding on to the mast with one arm and giving them the finger...
1 year ago
Today the dragons are heart broken. R.I.P Anne McCaffrey
Today marks a very sad day for those whom love to read books. I don't mean the new fancy electronic...
by drj130   7 years ago

RIP Anne you will be miss, but the great stories will live on for all to enjoy. I loved the great...
7 years ago