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Discussions tagged "smartphone"

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Optimize Motorcycle pages for Smartphones
We now have our community optimized for smartphones and other portable devices. The motorcycle...
by uwe999   6 years ago

6 Ruttxxx Towers are relics, laptops are losing their glamour.... People are down for handheld, and the tech...
4 years ago
Smartphone / Tablet Optimized Website now Live
Today is an exciting day as we have just launched the new Smartphone/Tablet optimized website. The...
by uwe999   6 years ago

66 Statlydrieddy And if you can talk your friends, your hubby or your kids into helping you build the blocks, you'll...
5 years ago
Checkout the mobile website
CruiserCustomizing launched a mobile version of their website. If you have an iphone or other...
by uwe999   6 years ago

it's 4th of July in the US, everybody is out riding Hey, wait, what am I doing behind the computer...
6 years ago