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Suzuki M50, VZ800Z service
Hello Everyone.  If anyone can help compare tips and service issues for a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard M50...
by 2008BoulvrdM50   1 week ago

UPDATE: the new primary and secondary coils created a slightly better ride and brought the speeds...
5 days ago
First Bike New Rider
Hello everyone, I'm new at the forum and the bike world, just bought my first bike and it's a 2009...
by Edgar3   4 months ago

Glad you got everything sorted out ok - and glad you are enjoying the ride.... Spring is Just...
1 month ago
Info on using Suzuki 1400 drive gub on Suzuki VS 800
Anybody hear or have any info on just how much & exactly what is required to do this? I have a...
by 1994rider   3 months ago

I did that very thing too my 800 years ago. The only real thing is the length of the 1400 driveline...
3 months ago
Clutch engages at the very end of lever.
Hello, new clutch within a year and new fluid. Wondering how to get the clutch to engage before the...
by Cameron7   7 months ago

2 Cameron7 It is hydraulic. That being said with a newer clutch that doesn’t slip do I need to bleed it to...
7 months ago
Battery Cable for 1997 Suzuki Intruder 800
Hello, folks! I am curious about the positive battery cable for the 1997 Suzuki Intruder, the bike...
by MarioSaenz   7 months ago

I will have to try it... I have missed it. While in a shopping center somewhere in southern Florida...
7 months ago
Hello, everyone.
Hello, everyone! I appreciate the site here, you have really created something interesting to be...
by Bubbachicken   8 months ago

Hi Bill - Here is a link for a Service Manual Free PDF -
8 months ago
Hey, how is everyone? New member here, learning a lot from the boards and hoping to learn more! I...
by Nishi   8 months ago

Remember to come back and post some pics of the baby and any modifications done to it.
8 months ago
Electrical problems after engine overheating and failure
Story time. My friend lost the oil cap to his Intruder 800cc while on a road trip, and without his...
by Sean16   1 year ago

1 year ago
Suzuki M50 Engine Swap - 2009 engine in a 2006
Hey Folks,  I just got a call back from the shop re the engine knock on my 2006 Suzuki M50 (15K...
by SamirHanna   1 year ago

The K# is the year. You have and need the 39G20
1 year ago
c90t brake issue
Hey all, I've had my 08 c90t for around 2 months, I upgraded previously from a honda shadow spirit...
by DaShawnCartier   1 year ago

I would drain and refill the brake fluid. When it gets dirty it may start to get a sticky check...
1 year ago