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Suzuki M50, VZ800Z service
Hello Everyone.  If anyone can help compare tips and service issues for a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard M50...
by 2008BoulvrdM50   3 months ago

UPDATE: the new primary and secondary coils created a slightly better ride and brought the speeds...
3 months ago
First Bike New Rider
Hello everyone, I'm new at the forum and the bike world, just bought my first bike and it's a 2009...
by Edgar3   7 months ago

Glad you got everything sorted out ok - and glad you are enjoying the ride.... Spring is Just...
4 months ago
Info on using Suzuki 1400 drive gub on Suzuki VS 800
Anybody hear or have any info on just how much & exactly what is required to do this? I have a...
by 1994rider   7 months ago

I did that very thing too my 800 years ago. The only real thing is the length of the 1400 driveline...
6 months ago
Clutch engages at the very end of lever.
Hello, new clutch within a year and new fluid. Wondering how to get the clutch to engage before the...
by Cameron7   10 months ago

2 Cameron7 It is hydraulic. That being said with a newer clutch that doesn’t slip do I need to bleed it to...
10 months ago
Battery Cable for 1997 Suzuki Intruder 800
Hello, folks! I am curious about the positive battery cable for the 1997 Suzuki Intruder, the bike...
by MarioSaenz   11 months ago

I will have to try it... I have missed it. While in a shopping center somewhere in southern Florida...
10 months ago
Hello, everyone.
Hello, everyone! I appreciate the site here, you have really created something interesting to be...
by Bubbachicken   11 months ago

Hi Bill - Here is a link for a Service Manual Free PDF -
11 months ago
Hey, how is everyone? New member here, learning a lot from the boards and hoping to learn more! I...
by Nishi   12 months ago

Remember to come back and post some pics of the baby and any modifications done to it.
11 months ago
Electrical problems after engine overheating and failure
Story time. My friend lost the oil cap to his Intruder 800cc while on a road trip, and without his...
by Sean16   1 year ago

1 year ago
Suzuki M50 Engine Swap - 2009 engine in a 2006
Hey Folks,  I just got a call back from the shop re the engine knock on my 2006 Suzuki M50 (15K...
by SamirHanna   1 year ago

The K# is the year. You have and need the 39G20
1 year ago
c90t brake issue
Hey all, I've had my 08 c90t for around 2 months, I upgraded previously from a honda shadow spirit...
by DaShawnCartier   1 year ago

I would drain and refill the brake fluid. When it gets dirty it may start to get a sticky check...
1 year ago