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No torque power in takeoff.
I don't feel the power so much when I throttle up, and that is from takeoff to givin it the gun in...
by RandyNielsen   11 months ago

Edwins is correct as first look even though two plugs per cyl. Ign. timing is pretty bulletproof,...
11 months ago
Torque numbers
Hey guys just wondering can anyone give me torque numbers for back and front wheel nuts and brake...
by Damien2   11 months ago

Val, I like free ones. lol
11 months ago
June Edition of Cycle Torque Australia magazine
Some interesting stuff on pages: 6 (Traffic Accident report challenged by Australian motorcycle...
by theturbo   6 years ago

Damn..missed another opportunity to buy some US dollars!
5 years ago
I need to understand what happened to my Mean Streak after a winer storage!
Hello everyone, i would apreciate if someone could hepl me understand what is wrong with my Mean...
by DevianBlack   6 years ago

Hello from FRANCE Well its been said " Motion Lotion " when you put your bike to bed for winter...
6 years ago