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Discussions tagged "vstar 1100"

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vstar starting problem
OK i guess it's finally my turn.  the vstar won't start.  Got the bike out of storage put the...
by eynstyn   2 years ago

29 JasonCarlson I have 1100 v star. Tried starting. Had a few clicks from the thumb switch. Not quite turning over...
1 week ago
how hot
hey, all of you with a vstar 1100, my bike is in storage know so i was wondering if any can get...
by eynstyn   1 week ago

I don't know the answer to the operating temp but if they can do exhaust manifolds and pipes,...
1 week ago
Vstar starting troubles.
Hey guys I need some help, recently got my 2004 vstar from the shop, had some tail light wiring...
by Docstruchko   2 months ago

So, they worked on the wiring and now the the bike won't start with the switch. WE know it's not...
2 months ago
Vstar 1100 sputtering intermittently in 5th gear
I have a 2004 V*1100 with Max air pods and Highway hawk unbaffled exhaust. The bike starts idols...
by Nibbs   5 months ago

4 Nibbs I took the carbs apart. The main jet is 155, idle is a 23.5, and the other jet next to the main jet...
5 months ago
Another poll
Do we need another new poll?  yes or no
by eynstyn   4 years ago

and if you have the back door blocked, he just goes around to the front and comes in. And have we...
4 years ago
V Star 1100 Battery Fry when it rains!
Hey hoping that Bob chimes in, seen and heard his electric skills are good. Have a v star 1100 that...
by joshuaalooper   5 years ago

lol Beachy.....sounds like you are a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
5 years ago
2001 vstar 1100 oil additive
My name is Shannon.Im a new member and i just baught my bike that i love and still learning about...
by Shannon   6 years ago

Cool mate
6 years ago