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Discussions tagged "wheels"

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Torque numbers
Hey guys just wondering can anyone give me torque numbers for back and front wheel nuts and brake...
by Damien2   7 months ago

Val, I like free ones. lol
7 months ago
Tri-Glide People Help
Ok, my wife has about 7000 miles under her, this is both local and road trips, ridin her 2 wheels....
by KNZTOY   3 years ago

6 badazztrike I have had my 2012 triglide for 3 years now,and I love it, rode 2 wheels most of riding life(50...
2 years ago
Aluminum wheels.
can I put non spoke wheels on my 2002 vtx1800s? If so where can I buy them?
by vtxhead   2 years ago

Yes you can. Start by searching the accessories tab.
2 years ago
Rim and wheels
I have to change my front whell rim !! So am not sure if l can use wheel rim for vulcan 750 ? My...
by Mexicanloco   4 years ago

The 500 and 750 axle sizes are different. It's a little work/money, but if it's important enough...
4 years ago
pitted aluminum wheels
I have a problem with my rear wheel it has been pitted by the break dust. I have tried cleaning it...
by bikerdad63   5 years ago

8 Gibbo95 I think that maybe it is a case of normal wear and tear, that has crept up on you over the years....
5 years ago
Bike Rims
I just don't understand, I Guess, if you want a new rim for your Harley, you can go about anywhere...
by xarmymedic   6 years ago

Appreciate all the help, Still have not heard back but patiently waiting
6 years ago
Wheels and tires For Vulcan 900
Hey vulcan riders out there, I have a question and I'm hoping ssomeone out there would give me some...
by horseshoe65   6 years ago

Yea, I feel your pain! What you can find is well over a thousand! I can't find anything aftermarket...
6 years ago