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10th Annual Wild Hogs Ride

Sunday, November 24, 2019
Penrith NSW 2750
x-small (less than 100)

For more details, please go to link below.

Members going to 10th Annual Wild Hogs Ride:

Matt Curry
73,012 Points
Chief Vintage
Terry (Bloody Idiot)
97,498 Points
6,394 Points
C50 Boulevard
11,165 Points
1300 V-Star Tourer
Nobby(Bloody Idiot SMC)
19,500 Points
1700 Vulcan Nomad
2,194 Points
M109R Boulevard
7,933 Points
M90 Boulevard
3 Points


No doubt Peter will be joining us?

hello Tezza
yes i will be joining the gang Smiley-laughing

Great news Peter.

Hi Tezza, day 2 & 3 for me is all I'll be able to manage. Always look forward to the catch up though no matter how short.

I'm in Tezza as usual. So is Paul I'll let him know he has to log in and say yes.

Thanks guys.

So far we have 13. One over the maximum but should be ok.
Cliffy, Tezza, Trailor, Steve, Dub, Keanster, Frank, Nick, Nobby, Spratty, Raymond, Pablo and special guest Scruffy.

Hey tezza , I’m in also and looking forward to catching up and riding with all the guys . Not sure if I’m going tent or cabin yet , will let cliffy know before his recon .

Hey Mike I will keep everyone updated with who is tenting and cabining as I know. So Far Tezza, Steve and me will be tenting.

Hey cliffy , I’d like to think I’ll tent but will probably chicken out at the last minute .

Link to video........

Iam in providing I can get my back pain under control.
Tent for me

Matt riding is the best pain control, Oh and some Advil as well, works for me... Smiley-laughing

Cliffy is waiting for confirmation on whether Rockley Pub will be open for lunch on the last day (Friday).
If not lunch will be at Tarana Pub.

Cliffy is waiting for confirmation on whether Rockley Pub will be open for lunch on the last day (Friday).
If not lunch will be at Tarana Pub.

No worries Matt and Spratty but I will need to know definitely by the end of September when I do the recon and book our accommodation.

Cliffy I'm a definitely right for the 2nd and 3rd nights.

That will be great, always good to catch up with you. I’ll book you an for a cabin at Armidale and Urunga.

Great looking forward to it.

Dave are you meeting us at Armidale or are you going to join us sooner ?

Yeah I'll meet you up at Armidale..

I'm in (as Ray said), finally remembered my password to the site, haha!

I thought only us seniors had that problem. Lol

Good on you Paul.

Not long now guys. Cliffy starts his recon next weekend.

Woohoo....Counting day the days

Can't wait. Hope the bush fires haven't caused to much havic around the places were riding.We'll wait for Cliffy's reco response.

We'll soon find out Ray. I can't wait.

Hello everyone
Looking forward to catching up with every one.
I have moved on from the 2005 Speedmaster and have just upgraded to a 2006 Yamaha FJR1300AS, should be a good trip to break in the new bike Smiley-laughing

Hi Peter, Looking forward to catching up again and check your new ride out.

Hi Peter will be nice to catch up again. Yami, now that's a great choice, can't wait to see it, I think its the same bike the cop's ride herein N.S.W.

Hi Pete, now that's an upgrade, looking forward to catching up.

Hi guys my recon went well, everywhere is booked and places to stop mostly planned. Passed all the information on to Tezza who will go through and double check everything before he posts it.

Well done Cliffy, how did the bushfires affect your recon.

Itinerary mailed 10 mins ago.

Did not see any bush fires. Had to do a detour from Ebor back to Guyra to organise a breakfast stop, so I think I must have missed the Ebor fire. The breakfast stop was closed on my way through first up.