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1st "Micro CCC Rally" Europe

CC Rally
Sunday, May 12, 2013 to Friday, May 17, 2013
Polsskens Castle
305 96 Halmstad
x-small (less than 100)

The very first "Micro" ("nano") CCC rally in Europe.... 
Very exclusive - Lucky57, gabby575, LuckyLuke, Polssken (and maybe some more)....

Hoping for good weather.


Members going to 1st "Micro CCC Rally" Europe:

Dennis Bloody Idiot SMC
43,201 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
39,475 Points
Road King FLHR
(VP Bloody Idiots SMC)
76,266 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
4,345 Points
1600/1700 Road Star


UM and Dana

Dennis what about those patches? What's in your mind about those?

Dennis: Dana is not a member.
Alec: Are you worry? Wouldn´t you like it and wouldn´t you sew it on? Smiley-wink

Notice to the right of "like" thumbs is a little link: "I will go".........

Marek, it has to be fine-tuned... If you don't mind I'd like to contribute and improve your attempt!

If I get my time machine working I'll join you for your Europe rally and then back to the Dragon rally the next day Smiley-wink

What about LILLEMAN? He's not too far, he could join us as well

good to hear that you guys are getting together , and there will be ozzies as well .lol

Mark, Aussies are like insects they are all over lol

I´ll be where if it the white disappear!!! LOL

I hope it will be gone soon........ Otherwise I´ll go bananas.....

Go bananas? those slippery things will put you off your bike dont ride over them. The Aussies are coming! The Aussies are coming!

Dennis remember that you are on a mission that will see Australia take over the world ,stay away from Mareks Bar .

Sounds like a great rally, I may be a traveling man, but to travel it takes money of which my daughter is still spending. So need to win the lottery.

OK Uwe....
You wasn´t here....