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2016 CCC outback oddessey

Motorcycle Rally
Friday, March 11, 2016 to Monday, March 14, 2016
Broken Hill NSW
x-small (less than 100)

The 2016 CCC rally is planned to be held at Broken Hill, NSW.  
The first discussion

Accomodation Details

This location is relatively central for all Aussies and also gives our OS visitors A chance to join us and experience our outback first hand. This location also means all members will have at least a day ride just to get there.

Accomodation is now the Gateway Motor Inn

Contact details are:
Trevor and Sandra Chaproniere
201 Galena St
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Ph 08 80887013
E-mail: [email protected]

You must Mention the CCC or Crusier Customizing Rally to get a booking.

Book now to avoid Disappointment!

from $95/night

Members going to 2016 CCC outback oddessey:

Mark reid
41,783 Points
Dennis Bloody Idiot SMC
43,201 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
Albert Stapert
142,724 Points
1500 Valkyrie Standard
26,650 Points
M109R Boulevard
Terry (Bloody Idiot)
97,616 Points
Steve - (Bloody Idiot)
43,038 Points
1800 VTX1800C
6,396 Points
C50 Boulevard
13,537 Points
650 V-Star Classic
5,140 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
7,615 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
38,500 Points
1300 V-Star
4,851 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
11,991 Points
1500 Vulcan Drifter
Spratty( Bloody Idiot
23,672 Points
1600 Vulcan Nomad
Nobby(Bloody Idiot SMC)
19,516 Points
1700 Vulcan Nomad
2,061 Points
1700 Vulcan Voyager
8,008 Points
M90 Boulevard
102 Points



Me too.

Me and grant burton.

Guess I should go to!

booked today - last room.


This hotel fully booked guys!
Well done!
The overflow accommodation is pretty close, Book now!

I'm in with Spratty , this should be good !

The villas are the best value for Money and Jill is looking forward to your bookings, just mention the Crusier customizing rally when you book.

We are in too. Something to look forward to

Good on you Dennis.

Are you booked at the villas Dennis?

Yep think so cant remember Steve Gateway Motor inn?

Yep, that's it. See you there!

Just making inquiries about accommodation at the Gateway but it looks like it may be me and my brother-in-law Peter Keane (keanster1). Peter rode to Mt Gambier with the Canberra crew.

Just confirming that Dub and I are booked in for the outback oddessey. Looking forward to a great time.

Great news guys, looking forward to it. Will have some more info on it soon I hope

Just a quick update, Annie and I are heading over to Te hill on Friday for a final recce and check out options on things to do. If you have anything special you want unto look into please let us know before Friday 18th Dec 2015

Beachy I may not be able to make it..I got back from the Hogs ride to find out the guy I work for has sold the business, no big problem, but the problem is the 2 weeks I took for the Hogs now puts me in negative holidays.... I owe them, be buggered how this has happened, but I'm taking it up with him tomorrow.

I'm still hopeful.....

Sorry I cant make the recon ride with you mate. Please let me know if I can do anything from here.

No problem Steve, it's going to be too damn hot to ride anyway, 38 & 42 forecast for Friday and Saturday. We are driving instead.
Spratty, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you mate. Sounds like someone might have screwed up long he way with your leave.

Yeah still trying to sort it out...

I was looking at book at the at Sturt Hotel is that near by

Gazza don't go booking anything just yet as I have a room booked already and Nobby is not going now so there'll be room and if it turns out I can't make it well someone else will be able to bunk in with you.

But I'm leaving my decision till the 11th hour so I still have some hope

there is a room available there now Gazza. I will confirm room bookings this weekend.

Beachy, Gazza will bunk in with me, he's been talking me around not that I was ever not wanting to go, just with work, but you know what I'm just gunna make it happen, holidays or not. I'll take long service leave if I have to.

I had already mentioned it to the new owner that I had time off for then and it's all paid for, she seemed OK with it, but won't get to talk to her again until the new year, which is fine as I don't have to pay for the Accomadation until end of January.

Are you organising a patch for the rally Adrian?

I really hope so.

Maybe I may have been a little hasty in my decision to pull out , don't give my bed away just yet Spratty . Looks like Deb and I won't be holidaying in March after all . I'll get back to you very soon .

Get your Shit together Nobby, Am i sleeping with spratty or are you?

Adrian, Let me know about the rooms , i can feel some indecision here.

I'm sure we can fit all three of us Gazza !!!!


Well it's in my name so I've got the single, but don't panic I'm sure when I spoke to them they said they could do 3 singles or we've got our cots so I'm sure it will work out fine Gazza, no need to book another room

So Nobby was the cop at the hogs this year!
I hear he isn't fussy about who he sleeps with so you both might get lucky

And I'm not referring to Dennis either!

I will be Tezza, just have to decide on a design first

Well get too Beachy it's only like 11 weeks, c'mon mate.

I think we have a snitch in our group !!!!! who blabbed Beachy , so much for what happens on the Hogs stays on the Hogs !!!!!! LOL .

Adrian, I know its a big ask, but would you consider a singlet or long sleeve T shirt. I have a Friend that does screen printing and thought out loud. Sorry

Nice idea Gazza, but I'd prefer a patch personally.

Maybe we could do a pre order for singlets and Tshirts so they can be here for the rally. Ill be in touch after Christmas Gazza. We are at the hill now so first thing to do is test the pool so Nobby can play Marco Polo! then find a suitable venue for the first evening meal.

Thanks Beachy , it's nice your so thoughtful . Can you post a pic of the pool !

Check out there website Nobby.

Thanks Spratty .

Looks very nice , plenty of room for Marco !!!

and polo!

Annie and I checked the pool out today. Im not sure it will be suitable for Nobby and Trailor!

If Trailor and I are in the pool Beachy I'm sure it'll be just fine !!!!!!! LOL . Marco !

even when you get a mental image, it is just not possible to unsee things!

Hold that mental image Beachy , you can compare that to the real thing in March !!!!! LOL .