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2016 CCC outback oddessey

Motorcycle Rally
Friday, March 11, 2016 to Monday, March 14, 2016
Broken Hill NSW
x-small (less than 100)

The 2016 CCC rally is planned to be held at Broken Hill, NSW.  
The first discussion

Accomodation Details

This location is relatively central for all Aussies and also gives our OS visitors A chance to join us and experience our outback first hand. This location also means all members will have at least a day ride just to get there.

Accomodation is now the Gateway Motor Inn

Contact details are:
Trevor and Sandra Chaproniere
201 Galena St
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Ph 08 80887013

You must Mention the CCC or Crusier Customizing Rally to get a booking.

Book now to avoid Disappointment!

from $95/night

Members going to 2016 CCC outback oddessey:

Mark reid
41,783 Points
Dennis Bloody Idiot SMC
43,201 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
Albert Stapert
141,315 Points
1500 Valkyrie Standard
26,650 Points
M109R Boulevard
Terry (Bloody Idiot)
94,936 Points
Steve - Bloody Idiot)
41,939 Points
1800 VTX1800C
6,296 Points
C50 Boulevard
13,537 Points
650 V-Star Classic
5,140 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
7,615 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
38,498 Points
1300 V-Star
4,851 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
11,961 Points
1500 Vulcan Drifter
Spratty( Bloody Idiot
23,218 Points
1600 Vulcan Nomad
Nobby(Bloody Idiot SMC)
19,320 Points
1700 Vulcan Nomad
2,061 Points
1700 Vulcan Voyager
7,478 Points
M90 Boulevard
100 Points


Adrian do we have a spare room?

As long as I get in the pool before certain others and it turns to soup I am happy!

Just rang, no rooms left. They told me it was booked out 9 months ago.

There is a room for Sat and Sunday. Will PM you for the other details

Is it just 3 nights and we leave on the Monday or are we staying Monday night and leaving Tuesday. As my email booking mentions 3 nights Friday Saturday and Sunday.

I have a feeling I booked the extra night (Monday) but may change it as we have decided we will (might) go to White Cliffs on the way home if the roads are sealed.
I have sent the motel an email to confirm.
Get back to you.

I just called to check my booking and I booked 3 nights Fri - Sat and Sun - depart Monday.

Katoomba was only 3 nights Spratty , Friday night through to Sunday night and you all left Monday . Sounds right to me .

The rally is officially 3 nights but you can do what you want.

I have booked Fri, Sat & Sunday

yeah sorry it is 3 nights I don't know for some reason, I thought Monday night as well, I just phoned Trevor and he cofirmed 3 nights, he did say if you wanted to stay the Monday it was available

I called the underground hotel at White Cliffs. They can give us a dinner/bed/breakfast deal if we get 10 or more takers.
It is a 97klm e/w detour on the way back to Sydney.

Looks like a nice option Steve.

Steve The road to White Cliffs is sealed fro Wilcania only. I was there in October. From White Cliffes to broken hill is dirt. They have a pool at the White cliffes motel.

Thanks Gazza, checked it out after you gave me the heads up before.
97klms each way from Wilcania.
You coming?


Gazza, Nobby and I are heading down to Mildura then along the GOR for the return trip, so will have to miss the White Cliffs detour.

On another note just wondering where you Sydney guys will be staying at Cobar on the Thursday night the 10th, so I can book into the same place. I'll be leaving on the 9th March and staying first night at Tamworth then will head onto Cobar for the 2nd night.


I was looking at my trip up to Broken Hill and ran into one small issue, fuel between Mildura and Broken Hill, my bike will not make it that far. For safety I try to stick to 200 km for fuel though I have gotten 250 when the wind was behind me. I had heard there was a place called the Coombah Roadhouse [half way between the Wentworth and Broken Hill] but there appears to be some discussion as to whether it is still there or not. Has anyone been up that way of recent times to confirm it is still there [last I saw online was 2013]

Ok that will be a problem, it's 297km to Mildura from Broken Hill, I reckon I'd just make it with a tail wind which will be unlikely heading south.

Coombah roadhouse is apparently unreliable but they do have fuel but sounds sketchy, Wentworth does have fuel but don't try after 7.00pm and it's a 267km from BH.

This info I got off a caravan site, so should be reasonable reliable. Apparently too a lot of wildlife on the road and best to not travel to early or late, commonsense really but doesn't hurt to be reminded

Steve. Sorry, I wont be coming to Wilcania from either direction. I'm going to Perth first . then heading back to Broken Hill from there, and as spratty said, heading to victoria to do the great ocean rd after.

Yay bring it on, Gazza what do you know about fuel stops between BH and Mildura...?

I might join you guys doing GOR. How many extra days are you looking at?

Tezza yes you gotta do it, Gazza and Nobby want to be home on the Friday, so 5 days

I will start planning and see what happens.

Be great to have you along

Thanks Spratty, I'll work it out even if I have to carry some emergency fuel.

Annie and I rode to Mildura from BH after our first recce. We did get fuel at Coombah roadhouse and it appeared to be a regular truck stop. We get 250 out of the 1100 before reserve on long runs and could have made wentworth on fumes.

Thanks Beachy.

Rung The Gateway Motor Inn on the off chance a room had become available and yes one had. I am now booked it so will not have to walk to join everyone. Who is riding up from Melbourne? I plan to take 2 days and pace myself if anyone wants to ride along.

I am now coming and scored the last room at the main motel. Someone from the group had cancelled?
I am planning to go via Syd to see family and then ride out Thu with Tezza and others, stopping at Cobar Thu night.
Then back to Melb on Mon. Maybe a day run or maybe an overnighter on the way back.,138.690478,6z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x6aef3360de52c2cd:0x40609b490440170!2m2!1d141.4651361!2d-31.9558583!1m5!1m1!1s0x6ad646b5d2ba4df7:0x4045675218ccd90!2m2!1d144.96328!2d-37.814107

Hi Guys,
I am happy to lead the ride from Penrith early on Thursday morning.
If we do 2 x 6 hour days we will get to Broken Hill mid afternoon on Friday.
The halfway point is Nyngan.
I had originally thought Cobar for 1st night but that makes a 7 1/2 hour day on Thursday, which might be a bit too long in the saddle for some.
I have called a motel in Nyngan that will accommodate us with good eating a short walk away,
The motel costs $105 for a double (couples) and for guys that don't mind sharing 3-4 to a room it will cost about $45 pp.
I don't mind booking the Nyngan motel for everyone but I will have to have a firm commitment.
The people I thought might travel with us are Steve & Trish, Trailor (+ Jodie?), Woodee, Cliffy, Tezza, Nobby (+Deb?), Spratty, Gazza, Turbo, and maybe some Canberrans (?) This is based on the attendance list above, so if I missed anyone, don't be offended, just put your hand up.
Please let me know who is interested so I can make arrangements.

Sounds good!

I was just must be hard with all these parallel BH rally discussions (about 3 or 4 of them?). Maybe we need to keep on just one? lol

Steve that's great, count me in for Nyngan and I'm happy to share a room.

Sounds good to me. Maybe we can KIK each other Steve. That way we are all in the loop.

That sounds like a tempting proposal, Pete and I were planning to go via Hay Plains to get to BH and possibly come back via Nyngan. I'll speak to Pete and let you know.

Turbo, this was the original so I posted it here. I am not sure I know of any more discussions but if I have commented on it I will see it.
Tezza, can I KIK you first? Lets post a KIK message closer to the date. Was Ray going?
Great to have you and Pete along Dub. Is Mark and Kel going?

Sure Steve. Ray is not going due to other arrangements.

Hey guys spoke to Peter and he is happy with doing the Nyngan route joining up to travel with you guys, We can go via Molong/Wellington and meet up along that road or just meet up at Nyngan if we go via Parkes, plenty of options and plenty of time to think about it. So Steve if you are booking rooms count us in.

Terry I have downloaded KIK so you can include me in conversations, if you happen to head South of Sydney on your weekend coffee trips include me in, Pete and I often do 200-300km coffee trips so it's possible to meet up.

Steve, Thanks for the link. I had seen that but had heard post then that it was not always open. I may just have to carry fuel as a back up to get past that section

I'm in to Steve , Spratty I'll split a room with you mate and a few others . Steve's post said 3 or 4 in a room , sounds ok to me .

Hotel looks great Steve , they have 3, 4 , and 5 bed , rooms . Happy to book either one of those if any one else wants to bunk together .

Nobby. Are you playing Marco Polo again

Norman, I can take my plastic 5 ltr fuel can on my rear rack if that will help.

I'm not sure Beachy , I haven't spoken to Trailor to see who'll be Marco ! Are you in , if that's alright with Annie O(BE) !

Thanks Steve, I have one but will look at options.

Hey Dub. What is your user name for KIK so we can find you.

Hi Steve, I will say no as i am leaving 2 weeks earlier to go to Perth and will be stopping in at BH on my way back.

Thanks for the response so far guys....
It should also be mentioned that Nyngan is the home of the recently unveiled "Big Bogan",,,, who unfortunately bears a striking resemblance to one of the guys travelling from Penrith,,,,,