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2016 CCC outback oddessey

Motorcycle Rally
Friday, March 11, 2016 to Monday, March 14, 2016
Broken Hill NSW
x-small (less than 100)

The 2016 CCC rally is planned to be held at Broken Hill, NSW.  
The first discussion

Accomodation Details

This location is relatively central for all Aussies and also gives our OS visitors A chance to join us and experience our outback first hand. This location also means all members will have at least a day ride just to get there.

Accomodation is now the Gateway Motor Inn

Contact details are:
Trevor and Sandra Chaproniere
201 Galena St
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Ph 08 80887013

You must Mention the CCC or Crusier Customizing Rally to get a booking.

Book now to avoid Disappointment!

from $95/night

Members going to 2016 CCC outback oddessey:

Mark reid
41,783 Points
Dennis Bloody Idiot SMC
43,201 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
Albert Stapert
141,315 Points
1500 Valkyrie Standard
26,650 Points
M109R Boulevard
Terry (Bloody Idiot)
94,936 Points
Steve - Bloody Idiot)
41,939 Points
1800 VTX1800C
6,296 Points
C50 Boulevard
13,537 Points
650 V-Star Classic
5,140 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
7,615 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
38,498 Points
1300 V-Star
4,851 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
11,961 Points
1500 Vulcan Drifter
Spratty( Bloody Idiot
23,218 Points
1600 Vulcan Nomad
Nobby(Bloody Idiot SMC)
19,320 Points
1700 Vulcan Nomad
2,061 Points
1700 Vulcan Voyager
7,478 Points
M90 Boulevard
100 Points


Tezza it's Dubster59

Done. Just sent a message.

I have booked the Alamo Motor Inn @ Nyngan for Thursday night 10th March.
1 x double room (Trish & I)
3 x share rooms
If you haven't already given me the thumbs up, please do so asap so I can add you to the list and book more rooms if needed.

Thanks Steve...

Thanks Steve , all good mate .

Ok, this is short notice and i will have to act quickly. would anyone be interested in a run shirt for Broken Hill. The idea is to have a Tshirt, A Long sleeve T Shirt and a Singlet, with the run logo on the front left Breast, and a larger print on the back. Now for the costs. We have to make 2 screens for the screen printing. The front one is $35 and the larger back is $65 this cost is to be put in with the price of the shirts unless i can find a sponsor to cover it for me. The cost of shirts are,Approx, Singlets $15 T Shirts $18 Long sleeve T shirts $20.. remembering this price is not fixed as it needs to cover the cost of the screens.Now Who is interested and how many do you want?

I will take a long sleeve in xxxl black.

Long sleeve xxxl for me and a M for Trish.

I take 2 Tshirts 1 x XXL and 1 x L. Thanks Gazza

Ok. We owe a very big thank you to an anonymous sponsor for our shirts. He like us all work long hard hours and has come forth and offered to help out with our cause. Thank you form everybody for your generosity. Numbers are slowly coming in and i am waiting for the logo from Beachy. please dont leave it till the last minute to make an order. you can message me or call (0418 200 982) what ever you like. Thanks again Gazza

Hey Gazza , can I get one of each in "L" thanks mate . Come on Beachy pull your finger out !!!!!! LOL .

Hooray to the anonymous sponsor...well done Gazza!

Gazza, mate I'll have a long sleeve and T-shirt both in large please. Excellent job and great idea...are we still doing a patch as well?

Hooray for the sponsor!

I'd like a T and a long sleeve XL thanks gazza.
....and thanks to the sponsor.

1 of each please
long sleeve
- Large Size
Thanks Gazza - great stuff

thumbs up. Happy to share.

Ok Spratty. I think Beachy is organizing a patch.


Coz and I are there. Dudn't see this till now.

Yes Al. I will be there with you on our way home from Tasmania.

Keep reminding him Coz. Smiley-laughing

watch him coz....dodgy!

Put me down for an XL t-shirt! Smiley-laughing

Have they built a road from Mildura to the 'Hill yet? I hope to catsh the Cobb and Co to get there....

Sure have Al - point NNW and follow ur nose....LOL

Is it all flat r are there two wheel tracks? Wheel tracks will be awkward while towing the camper....

I did the trip via google earth and it was all flat on my screen......LOL

Hi Guys, the orders are in and the art work has gone to the MAN.. Pretty soon he will be asking for the final numbers , so if you haven't ordered your Singlet, T Shirt or Long Sleeve T Shirt for the Broken Hill Rally, you need to contact me very soon. Message me or on the rally page or 0418 200 982.

When do you need $$$$&?

Is there another design as i havent got the final OK yet

I'll pm you Adrian

Will have the shirts at Broken hil land you can pay for them then.

Refer to my email Steve

Thanks Gazza

Thanks Gazza. Are you doing ladies t shirts? If so I will take a medium in pink for my wife, if not then she is out of luck.

Norman, surely she's a better swap tgan just one tee shirt....

Sorry Guys there will be no shirts for the rally, the design needs to be approved by CCC and time will not permit us to have the shirts ready on time. Thanks for the support, maybe another time.

Cheers for your efforts mate!

That's a shame Gazza, but I'd be happy to have one even after the event...if it's doable..

What about with a big Unofficial" across the T Shirt?

Albert, no only 1 shirt for her.

Thanks for your efforts Gazza.
Thanks to the organisers for theirs too...Beachy, Annie, Steve. Etc

I feel the same as Spratty Gazza , how about after the rally . A real shame that you have a great idea but a little thing like a simple approval can shelve the hole thing .
Thanks Gazza for the great idea and all your effort in trying to get it done in time , well done mate .

It is a shame about the T shirts however as we are using the CC logo it has to go through their approvals first. I am hoping the patches will be ready on time for the rally, its going to be a fine line. Maybe if Gazza can get the OK from Uwe for the design it could be an after Rally Tshirt.... IE I attended the CCC outback Oddysey and I have the T-shirt to prove it! Smiley-wink If it doesnt have the CC logo on it it wont need approval!

On another note, the charity we will be supporting this year is the Royal Flying Doctor Service. This service is a vital part of the outback and although they get some government funding it is never enough to cover the real costs so fundraising is vitally important to them. I am organising a visit to the RFDS visitor on the Saturday and need an idea of possible numbers that will be attending. Cost of entry is $7 per person for a group booking.

We are also looking for items for the Charity Auction so if you have something you wish to donate please bring it along and let me know what it is. If you ar not attending the rally but wish to donate anything then contact me to arrange delivery. I will be bringing the trailer so I should have some room in there.
Time is running out and I know this bit is a bit late getting out there but other urgencies have taken precedence lately.

Looking forward to catching up with you all again

2 for RFDS

I have just been in touch with Trevor at the Gateway motor inn and there is one double room left for the 3 nights now so if you are up for a last minute ride to the hills get in and book now.
Contact details are

Trevor and Sandra Chaproniere
201 Galena St
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Ph 08 80887013

I'm in on the RFDS.

Coz and I are in for the RFDS.

Hmmm. Could have brought some stuff from home for we left yesterday morning.....