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2016 CCC outback oddessey

Motorcycle Rally
Friday, March 11, 2016 to Monday, March 14, 2016
Broken Hill NSW
x-small (less than 100)

The 2016 CCC rally is planned to be held at Broken Hill, NSW.  
The first discussion

Accomodation Details

This location is relatively central for all Aussies and also gives our OS visitors A chance to join us and experience our outback first hand. This location also means all members will have at least a day ride just to get there.

Accomodation is now the Gateway Motor Inn

Contact details are:
Trevor and Sandra Chaproniere
201 Galena St
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Ph 08 80887013

You must Mention the CCC or Crusier Customizing Rally to get a booking.

Book now to avoid Disappointment!

from $95/night

Members going to 2016 CCC outback oddessey:

Mark reid
41,783 Points
Dennis Bloody Idiot SMC
43,201 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
Albert Stapert
141,315 Points
1500 Valkyrie Standard
26,650 Points
M109R Boulevard
Terry (Bloody Idiot)
94,936 Points
Steve - Bloody Idiot)
41,939 Points
1800 VTX1800C
6,296 Points
C50 Boulevard
13,537 Points
650 V-Star Classic
5,140 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
7,615 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
38,498 Points
1300 V-Star
4,851 Points
1100 V-Star Classic
11,961 Points
1500 Vulcan Drifter
Spratty( Bloody Idiot
23,218 Points
1600 Vulcan Nomad
Nobby(Bloody Idiot SMC)
19,320 Points
1700 Vulcan Nomad
2,061 Points
1700 Vulcan Voyager
7,478 Points
M90 Boulevard
100 Points


Uwe gave me the OK to make some more of the wooded CC plaques I made for Katoomba.
If I get the time I will make about a dozen.
Knee op tomorrow, start new job Monday, geez.... what time off?

I have done the RFDS tour but count me in.

Bugger. We will just have to issue a fine then. Do i make it to you or Cos?

Good news on the job front Steve, are you going to be good to ride with a new job and a knee op

Talked them into a week off before I start, start date 29/02/16 now.
Also talked them into a 1 1/2 weeks off for Broken Hill..... I am waaaay smooth!

Good news Stevo. Hope you can make it to happy hour at tezza's.

What time is that again Tezza, I lost my invite...Lol

Good news Steve, with all that holiday pay you an buy the first round.....Lol. Good luck with the op.

Gee Steve I hope the knee op goes well, are you going to be fit to ride...silly question of course you will

Your invite is probably with mine Dub

Beachy I will donate a pair of Wiley-X sunglasses for the auction, I'll bring them with me.

4:30 tomorrow Dub. See you here. Smiley-wink
Adrian you'll have to leave early tomorrow morning to get here on time. Smiley-laughing

Bugger, the servo is closed now so i wont get fuel till the morning and that means i wont get there till at least 5 if i take the 1100

I will be in on the RFDS and i will see you at your place Tezza And i cant wait to get to Broken Hill.

1 more, maybe 2 for RFDS here.

Good news everyone, Gazza has come up with a work around for the tshirts and they are back on the list. Artwork is going in tomorrow I believe and if your order still stands all good. Im not sure when the final numbers have to be in so hopefully Gazza can shed some light on this so if you want a t shirt place your order now.
Gazza what is the cut off date for the numbers?

Last orders are Monday night please. Monday the 22nd of Feb. Broken Hill Here we come.

Great to see the shirts are a go....Broken Hill here we come, can't wait.

Awesome news Gazza , I'll have my original order thanks mate .

I'm in on the RFDS too beachy .

Yep still interested.

yes please - still keen - 1 of each Large size

Howdy Cruisers,
I have an update on events at the hill for this years rally for you all.

Firstly and on a sad note, Trevor (the Motel manager) and his wife wont be there when we get there now. Sadly he has had to quit the Motel due to health issues but assures me that nothing will change and the new owners are up to speed with our rally. Hopefully he will be in touch with me a bit later when they move closer to Adelaide.

I will be putting out an Itinerary for the weekend soon but thought you may all be interested to know we may have some local riders joining us for a Sunday ride and also the Charity Auction and BBQ. I will know more closer to the date but at this stage we are invited to have a short local ride with them before we head to Silverton on Sunday.

Looking forward to catching up with you all again

Ride safe everyone

Not good news about Trevor and his wife. It's a shame they won't be there to enjoy the atmosphere, I'm sure the new owners will be great.

Counting down the days now, looking forward to catching up as well...

Here is the planned Itinerary for the Broken Hill Weekend.
Meet and greet at the motel from lunchtime onwards.
Evening meal at the Mulga Hill Tavern

local town tour
Sat 1:00 PM Visit RFDS visitor Centre for tour
Trip to Painted Desert (May do later trip depending on times and light conditions)
Evening meal in main street at Alfrescos
Ride to painted desert at sundown if people are interested

Possible ride with locals (TBA)
Followed by ride to Silverton
Lunch at Silverton hotel.
BBQ dinner at motel and Charity Auction
Although it looks a bit light on for activities, Saturday will be busy with different places to see and do if people want.

So it's happening for real.....!

Hell yeah

I'm ready!

Do you know number of attendees?

Not really, im only re of those at the motel. Possibly 25 but maybe more. Motel is fully booked

Thanks Beachy

Good work Adrian.

Cheers Beachy, sounds great!

Sounds good Adrian. I leave tomorrow to ride to Perth then back to Broken Hill, see you all there.

Have a great ride Gazza. Damn! Missed the post r/e tee shirts. Would like to have got an xl and 2xl but too busy with the AGM set up and missed cut off. See you in the Hill.

I can't wait to catch up with everyone. Ride safe all.

Ride faster tezza! C u there.

Guys we leave Perth this friday evening towing the bikes to Adelaide and then riding from there which way is everyone going. Are you going via Mildura. Or stopping over night on thursday somewhere. Would like to hook up and ride along on the friday to BH

Safe travels Dennis, see you at the Hill.

We are leaving here Friday morining and going straight there. Mildura is a big diversion. All going well we should be there lunchtime.

We are Leaving Penrith 7.00am on Thursday 10th.
If anyone wants to join us please let me know. Smiley-laughing

Steve are we meeting at the Mca's ?

MCA wont be open that early Mike, :P
I will decide where we leave from tomorrow afternoon over beers.....

We are back in Australia early Monday morning. C you all there at the Hill.

Steve what's your ETA at Nyngan

Sadly ChopAU has had to m drop mm out of the rally so a room is NJ ow qvailqble for last minute additions.

Ill catch up the anzac wekend Rowan

Hey people, I am pulling out of the rally. Can't afford the time off work at the moment. I have also withdrawn my booking from the hotel. There should be a room free now for anyone who needs it. I think it was a family room to sleep 3 or 4

Are you drunk again Adrian....typing skills of a wounded porpoise

Sorry to hear Ro, there's always next time mate..