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5th Annual Wild Hogs Ride

Sunday, November 23, 2014
Penrith NSW
x-small (less than 100)

Members going to 5th Annual Wild Hogs Ride:

Terry (Bloody Idiot)
97,298 Points
Steve - Bloody Idiot)
42,821 Points
1800 VTX1800C
6,388 Points
C50 Boulevard
5,140 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
Spratty( Bloody Idiot
23,600 Points
1600 Vulcan Nomad
Nobby(Bloody Idiot SMC)
19,500 Points
1700 Vulcan Nomad
2,061 Points
1700 Vulcan Voyager


See ......
Click on the "I will go" to the right of the screen if you are definitely going on the ride.

I'm in !

Good on you Nobby.

Tezza how come I'm not up with you guys ?

You are mate.

Wild Hogs ......... Bring it on !

Good on you Nobby.

TRAILOR is definitely " IN "

Glad to here Trailor , wouldn't be the same without you mate .

Might be a step closer to coming. found my tent mattress and sleeping bag.

Great news gazza.

Hey tezza , do we get a nice Wild Hogs patch when we do the ride or before so we can sew it on our vests before we leave would be good please tezza ! LOL .
I have a vest now , just incase you didn't know .
Stop talking about it BigG and get it sorted and just tell us your in . I'm not sure but I think you'll be the newby and we all know what that means !

yea right, newby mmmmm

Being the Newby is a great Honour and comes with a lot of responsibility BigG . You should feel Honoured to have this bestowed upon you ............. amongst other things that we wont go into !

You can pitch your own tent Nobby

Yes I can mate , and thanks for asking !
You can give me a hand though if feel strongly about it . LOL. .

Ok I'm in. Lets do this!

Awesome gazza. That's 9 of us so far. A good number.

On Sunday the 28th of Sep I leave on my recon. I will be booking accommodation for 9 of us, Cliffy Tezza Steve Paul Bill Nobby Gazza Woodie and Steve's mate. Any late comers will need to let me know prior to the 28th or they may not be accommodated with the rest of us.
I will post a summary of the recon once completed. Looking forward to another trip with everyone.

Can't wait cliffy. Either can Paul. He won't be the apprentice. Smiley-wink

Cliffy, I've clicked I wll go, I've marked down a weeks holiday at work for that time, however things are a little unstable with employment at the moment if it means I have to pull out I will pay any money's to cover what I owe. I hoping everything will be fine and really looking forward to catching up again.

Cheers Spratty

Cliffy sorry can you also confirm the intended route...option 2 I believe??

Day 1 Penrith to Dungog. Day 2 Dungog to Glen Innes. Day 3 Glen Innes to Nambucca Heads. Day 4 Nambucca Heads to Walcha. Day 5 Walcha to Denman. Denman to Penrith ( via Bylong Way ). Optional extra day. Denman to Gulgong ( via Dunedoo ). Gulgong to Penrith.. This may change slightly after the recon.

Spratty do you intend to join us for the whole trip or just the Northern part? It would be fantastic to have you for the whole trip.

Cliffy I was thinking of meeting up with everyone at Glenn Innes on the Monday night then Nambucca then Walcha and then head back my way on the Thursday. Hope that works in ok with everyone.

No worries Spratty I will book you in for those three nights. It will be great to spend some time with you again.

I'm only going for the Wild Hogs patch , can someone confirm that we get a patch if we do the ride ! LOL .
Just kidding very much looking forward to it and riding and drinking and other stuff with all of yah .

Patches will be presented to new Hogs at the end of the ride Nobby.
Not long to go now.

I thought you were looking forward to the swim the the local enforcement officer, Nobby.

Thanks tezza .
BiG I'll swim with Trailor any day .

You'll regret that you said that Nobby. Smiley-wink

Hey Nobby, you might get another patch if you come to Streaky Bay

Definitely absolutely going, just got the weeks holiday confirmed from the boss yesterday, happy days...

Thats Great news Spratty. At what point will we catch up with you? And for how long?

Gazza, I will meet up with all you at Glenn Innes and head back home from Walcha on the Thursday and probably stay over at Tenterfield before heading home on Friday...well that's the plan away but it's the Wild Hogs ride so there isn't any

No plans no mobiles , lets just ride Sally ride !

Tell trailor that nobby.

I will Tezza .

I just want to see what Sally looks like?

Hey Cliffy , very smooth complexion almost plastic like .

That's not what it's been called in the past, and no your not putting your tent next to mine.

Or mine.....

Just finished the recon. This will be a ride North following across the top of the Great Dividing Range so charge up the Go Pro's for some spectacular scenery and plenty of twisties.

sounds good Cliff. do you have an itinerary or do we just turn up.

A more detailed itinary will be completed and sent out individually once completed.