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9th Annual Wild Hogs Ride

Sunday, November 25, 2018 to Friday, November 30, 2018
Russell St Maccas
Emu Plains
Penrith NSW 2750
x-small (less than 100)

Preliminary planning is underway for our 9th Annual Wild Hogs.
1. Date 25th - 30th of November.
2. Accomodation - This year we will be booking Cabins as well as Camp sites.

Payments for accomodation will remain the same.
All those tenting will split site costs.
All those cabining will split cabin costs.

Cliffy will be doing his recon as usual at the end of September, so he will need to know,
Who will be going,
Who will be tenting,
Who will be cabining,
By September 18th.

This is for booking of sites and payment of deposits. Therefor anyone who pulls out may still be liable for accomodation costs if changes can't be
If you have any questions please contact Cliffy or myself.

Stopovers so far are,
Day 1 Tumut
Day 2 Allans Flat
Day 3 Omeo
Day 4 Lakes Entrance
Day 5 Canberra
Day 6 Home

Routes will be presented soon so stay tuned.


Members going to 9th Annual Wild Hogs Ride:

Terry (Bloody Idiot)
95,899 Points
Steve - Bloody Idiot)
42,173 Points
1800 VTX1800C
6,350 Points
C50 Boulevard
5,140 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
10,739 Points
1300 V-Star Tourer
Spratty( Bloody Idiot
23,324 Points
1600 Vulcan Nomad
Nobby(Bloody Idiot SMC)
19,338 Points
1700 Vulcan Nomad
7,554 Points
M90 Boulevard
100 Points


Good on you Matt. You will have a great time.
Hi Dub, is Keanster joining us?

Looking forward to catching up with you guys on your way down and back - No overnighters for me as yet - just day rides at the moment ....
Do you know whereabouts at Allans Flat you will be staying ? I know the area down there as I used to live in Nth East Vic for 19 years ... I have an old friend I haven't seen for years that built his own place as well as a Log Cabin that he & his wife setup as a Patiserrie (?) there (Walter & Waltrout Morroso).
They may not even be there thesedays - it has been 20 years since I have been there ...
No doubt there will be some great riding weather at that time of year ...
Cheers Terry - Be good to meet up ...
Ride Safe ...

I clicked on "I will go" but I didn't show up.

You are there Steve.

Here is the prelimenary route.


Tezza day 4 we will be lunching at Lakes Entrance and staying at Orbost.
Great to have you join us Matt.

I will be there...but will miss the first night and catch up with you on the second night through to Friday.

Cliffy did you speak to Allan yet as he can only accommodate 3 people in cabins I think. The rest will have to tent it.

Unless things change between now and Ride Time - It looks like I may only be able to catch you guys up on the 5th Day - Orbost to Canberra - I could head down to Bombala and CANN RIVER and catch you guys there and ride back to Cooma .... At Least I will get a chance to Say G;Day anyway and share the road for a little while ...
My health is not real good at the moment, The Doc put me on some New Inhaler for my COPD and it nearly killed me - Needless to say I stopped that damn medication and after many tests at the hospital I ended up on Large Doses of Ventolin to help me Breathe a bit better ....

Sort of getting somewhere near where I was before taking the New Wonder Drug - But it has been Since 13th July (BLACK FRIDAY Mind You, Sheeesh !) and I am still only about 80% of before the episode/s (13th & 14th) knocked me around severly - Couldn't Breathe, Gasping for AIR, Felt like I was being Strangled and going to pass out or Die OR BOTH .... Terrible feeling I can tell you .... I just have to watch I don't get another lung infection this winter ... But Hopefully by November I should be feeling much better I HOPE .... Just have to keep sucking on that Ventolin Spray for a while yet ...
See How things go - but DAY 5 for ME ONLY at this Stage - Day Ride Only ......
See you guys then OK - Meantime RIDE SAFE .....

Hi Guys. As yet no one has confirmed who will be staying in cabins and who will be tenting it.. I will need to know by the 15th of September before I go on my recon and make bookings.

The old fart will be tenting.

I am bringing the Taj Mahal. Frank and Nick will be tenting.

Cabin for me Cliffy...

Cabin for me Cliffy.

Look after yourself Greg so we can catch up on Wild Hogs. We look forward to meeting you.

G'day Cliff, I will be tenting, sorry for the late reply

Great news Peter.

Ok guys finished my recon all accommodation booked and route and stops planned.
We will NOT be staying at Allan’s Flat, but staying at Yackandandah Caravan Park.
For those from Canberra or Cooma who wish to join us for the ride to Canberra we will be stopping
At Cann River for breakfast possibly around 8 to 9 am.

Well done Cliff. I can't wait.

Thanks Cliff - Info much appreciated - I will see if I can get myself down to Cann River by 8:30am IF I Can, Otherwise I will still be heading down and probably pass you on the way and hang a U turn and catch up with you guys and tag along and say G'Day at the next stop - Bombala ? - Nimmitabel? - Cooma? ...
Take Care & Ride Safe ...

Sweet, looking forward to it!

Just an invite to those in Melbourne and Canberra who may want to catch up with us in Yackandandah, Omeo, Lakes Entrance, Omeo and Canberra. We generally arrive at our destination mid afternoon, set up have a few drinks and head up to the pub for dinner. We will be stopping at Lakes Entrance for lunch and Cann River for breakfast. Dub will be organising dinner in Canberra for those Canberrans who wish to join us.
For those who do wish to catch up, please message me to confirm.

Well done Cliffy, not long now and really looking forward to it.

Well done Cliffy. Me too can't wait. See you soon.

I suggest dinner at Royal Hotel, 700m from Caravan Park.

Sounds good Dub!

Do we have an updated route map.

Ray, just follow Cliffy...Lol !!

Day 2 instead of Alans Flat it will be Yakandandah which is about 15 minutes away.

I'm good following the leader, no problems with that Dub.

Dub you can take the point for the ride into Queanbeyan. You will be more familiar with the roads into the caravan park. Thanks for your help in suggesting the caravan park and organising the night at the Royal Hotel. Plus for your kind hospitality on the recon.

Cathy and I enjoyed your company.
Did you end up going to the Arboretum?.

Yes mate went for a drive up to Black Mountain and the over to the Arboretum.

Hi to You All -
Would anyone happen to know where you will be staying overnight in Orbost (Wed 28th Nov) ??? There is the slim chance I might be able to make it down there on the Wednesday afternoon and camp the night there and ride back with you guys up till we get to Cooma on Thursday 29th... It would be good if I could manage it ... Thank You Kindly ... Smiley-laughing
Ride Safe -

Hi Greg, Cliffy usually books the local caravan park. Orbost Caravan Park 2 Lochiel St, Orbost VIC 3888.

Cliff will answer soon Greg.

No Worries - Plenty of time yet ..... I sort of figured it mught be the c'van park - I can't gaurantee that I will be there on the Wed arvo but IF I can I will...
I just hope the weather is good for everyone ...... Should be by then .... ciao .. ride safe ...

Would be nice to catch up Greg.

This is for you Ray.
I had to check it myself so that I don't forget anything this year.

Thank's Tezza always good to use the list as a check list. See you all soon.