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CC Rally at the "Snake, Rt. 421"...Bristol, Tn.

CC Rally
Thursday, June 5, 2014 to Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Skyland Inn 15545 Lee Hwy Bristol, Va 24202
Bristol, TN 37620
United States
x-small (less than 100)

Meeting in Bristol, Tn. June 5th to June 9th+++ 2014, to run the Snake Rt 421! Apprx. 10 members have already said yes! Staying at Skyland Inn...address and phone in heading! Make reservations AND CLICK I'LL BE THERE at bottom of heading!!! Smiley-laughing

Members going to CC Rally at the "Snake, Rt. 421"...Bristol, Tn.:

Kenneth Mode
40,816 Points
Road King FLHR
10,662 Points
1600 Vulcan Classic
42,099 Points
Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU
6,344 Points
7,230 Points
5,826 Points
Street Glide FLHX
17,716 Points
Street Glide FLHX
464 Points
Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU
29 Points
Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU
855 Points
1500 Valkyrie Interstate
11 Points
800 Intruder


Anyone have more info on this area...feel free to share!

Are we now going to post all our info on this thread Now ? You know us southern gentlemen don't like to double our work !!!!

Thanks to Ewe for posting our rally thread !!!

I have posted a couple day trips I would like us to take on previous thread if need be I can re-post here. Our motel location will be Skyland Inn , Bristol Va 276.669.0166

I would also like to take this trip as an opportunity to exchange Harley Davidson poker chips , for those that collect , with other Harley riders from different areas . BRING YOUR CHIPS !!!! I will have some extra chips from three different area shops to trade out.

Got ya on the chips James! I see only 3 on here that's going, I have at least 11 so far. We need to get them to this thread.

I'm here!!! I haven't made reservations at Skyland Inn yet...y'all got me scared of that woman. I ain't had a date in 35 years and the idea scares the hell outta me!!! LOL The wife is in MS right now...I'll let her deal with gettin a date when she gets back Smiley-wink

Good to see your here Danny!

Yes , get the word out about this thread . Not much participation here ..... yet !

Skyland Inn 15545 Lee Hwy Bristol, Va 24202 2763.669.0166 rates are 45 bucks and they give military discount. You can go online and reserve as well .

Oh yeah! Jazz and Jerry will be in on this! I don't like snakes... Maybe I'll like this one!!

Fantastic Jazz !! Lookin forward to it !

I would appreciate it if you all would bring me BEER instead of chips !

I got you covered Ken! Don't worry'll have enough beer!! Smiley-laughing Michelle and I will be there Friday and Saturday night. Looking forward to it.

Reservations made for Friday and Saturday night!

FANTASTIC Ron !! I will have the bottle of Schnapps !!

We need to look around Bristol. I've heard of a small hamburger joint that Hank Williams, Jr visited etc. State Street.

Nena , you have been nominated to find it .Do I hear a second ?

I found it Nena ride #5 , music to your ears ....

Wish I had more time and money to join you, but a bit far away for me. big trip for me next year will be Sturgis Rally, their 75th anniversary.

Bristol Tn-Va Famous Burger Bar
Hank Williams supposedly ate his last meal here.

Hell yeah...just noticed gunners coming! Need to start lighting this up and get more people!!!

Don't forget to click I'll be there!!!! Smiley-laughing

Thanks Tee. Looking forward to this trip. The burger joint sounds good too. Michelle has been there once and remembers that it was pretty expensive for "Diner" like place. Not sure if they sell beer there you may have to fill up before we go there for lunch! Smiley-laughing

I'm looking forward to it also! Already have bout 12 members! Add their partners and we'll have well over 20 to 30 before all said and done!!

I think I have reservations at Skyland Inn Fri n Sat...(or a date lol) Who else has reserved rooms?

Have at least 6more going than what this post says! Can everyone see this without having to search for it? That is what I've had to do!! Doesn't even show up in comments on my phone!

My profile page has a link to it Tee.

OK... Help me out with the dates here, people! It shows Thursday - Tuesday... but I'm reading about making reservations for Friday and Saturday night. What's up??

Ken, we got your CHIPS and your BEER and 'shine! We'll make certain you stay in tune for the event, bro.

Jazz...Some of us are going to be there Thursday eve, but I think most are coming Friday. Pretty much just saying come anytime between Thurs and Mon, someone will be there! Like I'm coming Thur and leaving Sun, and I think JW is coming Fri and staying til whenever! Smiley-laughing He has the following week off I'm pretty sure. Make sense???

I found the link on my page too Danny, thanks!

Hey Jazz,
We're planning on riding Blue Ridge Parkway from Cherokee to Asheville Wednesday and heading to Bristol on Thursday and staying until Sunday.

Just tried to make reservations at Skyland Inn and they wouldn't do it, said call back in May. WTF!!! Sam asked if she could guarantee a room then and she said yes but took no info. That ain't very encouraging :(
Has anyone besides Tee managed to reserve a room yet?

I got a reservation through, quick, painless and no when you get there. Those who don't have a room yet might want to get one soon...according to they only have 6 rooms left.

Just got a call from the lady at Skyland Inn that wouldn't let me make a reservation on the phone, she was calling to confirm the reservation I make through!!! Too damn funny...I have a feeling we're gonna have alot fun with her.

I think I have a date with her!!! Smiley-laughing LOL I booked through also!

HELLOOO??? Smiley-laughing

HELLO FOLKS !!! Are we COLD yet ? I had to come to the rally page to get updates ! None show up under comments. If we have any hassles out of those folks we can always find another hotel ! Let me know !!

Damn , there I go again hitting the enter button to post ..... to much facebook ????

PS ..... It was great talking with Danny the other night !!

I just did mine on as well ! No upfront charge !

It was great talkin to you James!!...Can't wait for some summer meetups!!!!

Sounds like a great trip all

A grand trip indeed !! I have a couple of good rides I am planning for at least a one day group ride.

Booked for Thursday and Friday. Darryl my buddy said he would meet us there for at least Friday. He lives about 45 minutes from there so Im sure he knows alot about the area as well as alternate cruise routes. Hell, he has one of the best cruise roads Ive seen right by his dads farm. Headed to Asheville, NC with the wife in a couple weeks to hook up with him and his wife to celebrate him coming home from Afghanistan. Ill poke his brain then about other things in the area to do. I better do that early in the night since I suspect by the end of the night or wee hours in the morning the thinking process will be a bit compromised.

and I will be there for real this year. The last two dragon trips where shortened or cancelled by work. Last one I paid for a room I never used since I had to ship off the BUffalo at the last minute and Darryl who was suppose to take the room couldn't go at the last minute either. Semi retirement now offers me a much more flexible schedule ....and the wife will probably want me to get the hell out of the house for her much missed "me " time since Ive given up being on the road full time. I ll bring a bottle of good bourbon and a humi of good cigars. See you all there.. Really.

You guys have a great time. Ride Safe.

We will hold you to it this time Copper !!!

By the way all king rooms are full for at least the 5th and 6th. Also a word of warning, when you call the hotel be ready to try to make a buisness transaction with someone who speaks very little english...not my a great choice for a service industry buisness. I probably. ..without exaggeration. .repeat myself 6 times. I would suggest that they send you a confirmation email to make sure nothing was lost in translation as far as your booking dates.

Best to do it thru BOOKING.COM Just make sure to print out reservation and bring it with you!!!

If we have to much trouble , it's not to late to attempt to find another place . Let me know and I will once again dig into it. Mountain city Tn has a couple there.