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Motorcycle Ride For Dad

Charity Event
Saturday, June 14, 2014
Calgary, AB
medium (1000-10,000)

Think of the men you know. Can you think of seven who have made an impact on your life? That list might include your father, brother, uncle or close friends.

One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now think again about the importance of those seven men in your life. What would you do if one of them couldn't be there for you?

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canadian men. It generally affects men over 40. Successful treatment depends on early detection. In the longer term, research into improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention will further improve our capacity to deal with this disease.

I am asking you to make a difference for the men in your life by help by supporting our team's fundraising efforts with a donation. Your tax-deductible gift will make a difference in the lives of many by helping to fund critical research and public awareness campaigns right in our own community!

join us on the ride, or sponsor a rider. 


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