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7th Annual Wild Hogs Ride

Sunday, November 20, 2016
Penrith NSW
x-small (less than 100)

Stay tuned for further details. Cliffy will be doing his recon soon.

Members going to 7th Annual Wild Hogs Ride:

46,390 Points
Other Harley
Terry (Bloody Idiot)
97,056 Points
Steve - Bloody Idiot)
42,617 Points
1800 VTX1800C
6,388 Points
C50 Boulevard
5,140 Points
1600/1700 Road Star
11,021 Points
1300 V-Star Tourer
Spratty( Bloody Idiot
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1600 Vulcan Nomad
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M90 Boulevard
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I'm in Tezza.

Good onya Ray. Don't forget to click "I am going"

After being off work for 6 weeks, i'm not sure. would love to.

Great. Click the "I am going"

Come on Gazza do it, apply for leave, I did. It's just work. You need to massage those fingers. Tell your boss its rehab. LOL

I've been of work for another 4 weeks Ray. I had a fall and ruptured a calf muscle. no work or over time for 4 weeks hurts the pocket. when you average 20 + hours a week in over time. I have the time approved, it the home, family ratio thats in the equation. I still have a lot of fluid in my leg and the doc is worried about clotts. find out more when i go back tonight.

Hope everything turns out alright for you Gaz.

When you say it like that you have had a lot of time of work, Yes it hurts the pocket. Hope everything is ok. I suppose no riding yet too. If you need someone to run it in let me know. LOL. Catch up soon I hope.

Cliffy is doing his recon on 25th of September and will need to know how many are going so that bookings can be made.
Please click on "I will go"

Can you give me an idea what direction the ride will be going?

Cliffy has called it the Mid West Tour. I'll add info to this event as it comes in.

Thanks Tezza I recall discussing it with Cliffy.

Unsure if I can make this ride but I will try.
So when I know were we are going I will know

OK max. Stay tuned.

Yeah I will

I am deffinatley OUT. Off work again with my leg. Can't afford the time off. Sorry guys.

Unfortunately I can't make it.
Being a wild hog from the south coast and my ride being a 650 it might be a bit far, I think the bike won't keep up.
I am looking to purchase a bigger bike then I'll be all in. It would be great to catch up with other wild hogs.

These are the overnight stays cliffy will check on his recon.

That looks like a good Wild Hogs ride....I'm in.

Is Peter going?

I'll speak to him, he may have issues with getting leave!

I'm in, already had the dates pencilled in at work for time off since the last Hogs Ride, I think I've even got next year pencilled in as

I have clicked on " I'm Going " but hasn't registered me yet.

Are we going to Tamworth from Gunnedah to go to the Power House Motorcycle museum??

Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Max you'll be fine on a 650....or just trade up before then you've got plenty of time

Sorry to hear your leg is not healing up Gazza. Hope you get better very soon. Looks like a good ride destination. Can't wait. Hope we have more than just 5, last year was a great group of guys and I really enjoyed the company and trip. Can't wait to see your new ride Dave. Leigh where abouts are you on the south coast. Your profile says S.A.

Trailor is going, sorry to hear about Gazza, stay well also looking forward to catching up with the others, Tezza you need to work on Bill

Great to see all of the familiar faces coming along again. No better therapy in the world than 6 days on your bike with great mates. I'm looking forward to it, I need to get an idea on numbers because some places require a deposit and an idea of numbers in order to keep us all together. So if I know before I leave next Sunday that would be very beneficial. Thanks guys

Cliffy, I will be a starter from Sydney day 1 and will probably go my own way after Gunnedah or Tamworth if you go that way..

That's great mate it will be great to see you again and have you along

Looking forward to it...

I'm looking to up grade my ride but we'll see how it goes.
I live near semaphore

Tezza, just spoke to Peter Keane and he has confirmed that he won't be able to go on the Hogs Ride this year, but I'll be there!

Thanks Dub. Hope he can make it next year.

He is currently finishing a Building course so doesn't want to miss out, but he is Keane for next year......LOL!!!

you a funny guy Dub ...

The Keanster is kean. Great news.

He will be missed, but next year will come around very soon again Dub. Say hi to Peter for me and good luck in the course.

I guess i'd better put it in writing,,,,,, Frank and I are in....... as long as Tezza supplies the beer,

No worries mate. No stubbies for the trailer. Only cans.

I'm in ... for the Crookwell and Cowra legs at least ... and perhaps Gulargambone as well. I'll be riding to Crookwell with Dub and Keanster.

Look forward to catching up. I didnt think Keanster was able to make it, great that he can.

Thanks Spratty. Pete and I will be doing the short version together


That's great news guys.

Glad Pete can make it. Looks like a good size crew Tezza.

Ray, I can't wait. I'm really looking forward to this one.

Nobby and Myself are going to ride out to Oberon with you and say our good byes from There.

Thanks guys. An escort.

G'day guys
Just confirming I am able to go for the first 3 days of the trip then head back with Vardy, I think I can do with a bit of R&R (ride & relaxation) good to catch up


Will be good to catch up again Peter, long time no see. R&R is the best.