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Simple is Better

Review Summary: 

Let's face it, none of these devices, whether they cost $20 or $200 are "cruise controls," they are "throttle locks." They do one thing and that is to hold the throttle in one constant place in order for the rider to loosing his/her grip on the throttle without losing speed on level ground. None of them perform as a true cruise control in that they do not adjust the throttle up or down based on varying road conditions such as going up or down hills, etc. Yup, they do one thing and the simple design of the Go Cruise does it very well, in spite of its simple design and extremely low cost.

Now, I ride a Goldwing and it has a full and complete cruise control system, just like the ones in cars. It works great at maintaining the desired speed no matter what the terrain. When I am cruising down the highway on an open road with little traffic, I will often turn it on, again, just like one would use such a system in a car. However, there are many times when riding along that I would like a moment or two to remove my hand from the throttle for any number of reasons, such as to adjust a mirror or something else on the right side of the bike or my equipment or just to relieve some fatigue. With a flick of my forefinger, I can engage the Go Cruise and the throttle will be held at that place and the RPMs will stay constant so that I can do whatever I had in mind to do. When I have finished with that or I otherwise need to release the throttle, a quick twist of the throttle disengages this bad boy and I am back in control. In this case, Simple is better.

I have tried several other "cruise control" systems on various bikes. All I can tell you is that if all you want is a "throttle lock" you can't beat the value of the Go Cruise. And no, I don't work for these folks or have an uncle that owns the place. I am just a satisfied customer hoping to clarify what these type of devices do and to save my fellow riders some $'s in the process. Safe riding and keep that rubber side down!

Review Pros: 
Simple, effective, inexpensive. It does exactly what it should do.
Review Cons: 
None. However, be sure to follow the installation instructions so that you don't over stress the arms of the device when mounting to your throttle.
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