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I received this on 1/8/07. I plan to use it a ...

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I received this on 1/8/07. I plan to use it as a extra brake light. I have lights I installed in place of the plate holder reflectors. so I would have a little more light while running. From what I read this should do the trick. I t will require the removal of the tail light assembly. I have had that off before and it is not that hard to remove. It did require me to run a wire from the tail light (Brake light) to the plate light unit. It is a real tight place to work but if you unhook the wire harness from the clips under the fender it gives you just enough room to tap into the wire under the tail light. Then follow the wire that goes under the fender to the plate light. I hooked in there. I did not get the resistor. You don't need it unless you want to use the stopper as a running and Brake light. The hookup took about 2 hrs!!! But I think it was worth it!! It's Bright and looks nice.

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