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This thing does not fit AT ALL. The placemen ...

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This thing does not fit AT ALL. The placement of the set screw isn't low enough to grab the head of the bolt. After wrestling with it for 20 minutes, the screw finally stripped out, saving me the frustation of messing with it any longer. I even tried drilling out & re-tapping the hole to accept a larger 8mm screw, but it's still no good, the location is still way off. I noticed the package says "for metric cruisers" instead of a particular model, looks like Kuryakyn is cheaping out by making universal parts ("universal" usually means "doesn't fit any bike particularly well"). Oh, and they do include an allen wrench, but it is less than an inch long and you couldn't get enough leverage with it to tighten the set screw even if the part did fit... I will be buying the genuine Yamaha part or some Kool Kovers to replace this.

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