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MY (KY-6299) fits like it was made for my hand.

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I just added the grips in the photo a month ago and I figured since I was doing that why not add the matching contour throttle boss as well. on the factory grips I used a rubber version of the throttle boss but in the North Carolina weather the moisture from the humdity would get under it and cause it to slide down the grip to the point I almost lost it a couple of times. So adding this to the new ISO grips was a no brainer. For me this is a must have item on my bike. A short ride for me is almost always a minimum of 70 to 80 miles. With a throttle hand that tends to start to go numb at the 45 to 50 mile marker its handy to be able to relax and move my fingersand know that I won't have to slow down or pull over till my butt goes numb if I don't want to. The installation on this was so simple that when my four year old granddaughter asked if she could help I let her put the last two screws in and tighten them down. (yea I know another video opurtunity missed.)

about the only think I can think of would be to number the parts and match them to the instruction So that those folks with a college background don't get lost between where part (A) mounts on part (B) next to Part (C) while they hold part (C) in place and screw male end of part (D) in to the female end of part (B)
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So simple a four year old can complete the installation.
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If you've got a college degree don't look at the directions it will look simple enough. But lets face it you have that degree and there are six unnumbered parts. need I say more?
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Standard wrenches
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< 1 Month


is this the side with the 1/2 play?
might be hitting the throttle sleeve,i added 2 sets of them knerled washers on both side of the throttle boss,they come with longer screws and diff colors to match your bike,i also added them to both sides with 2 throttle bosses,i have the smaller ones,might change them soon to the ones you have
if you take long rides,you might want to get a mustang seat,you can ride forever with them,and kury foot rests with sturipps or kury floorboards
I have extended handle bar risers,kury grips and foot pegs, mustang seat,best money I ever spent,with your bike,you could ride all day without a problem,ha

they this is the side with the 1/2 inch of play. I think its in the cable though because when I slide the grip in ot its final position I turned the grip clock wise to get it set where i wanted it and it turned really hard.
I hada rubber throttle boss before i bought that one. and it was ok the only problem I had with the rubber one was it kept sliding off. if you have the small one you'll like that contour. I find I have better control with it at any speed or in any gear. As for mustang I've already talked with their rep. And thats all I'm going to say about mustang. (Hit me up on Skype some time I'll explain more about that.)
Kuryakn's stuff is great what little of it they have that fits my bike any way. I think the next big project for my bike will be a 7 inch headlight and the new LED lights. I'm tired of driving around at 70 mph and only beingable to see 30 feet in front of me. I wanta light up the road like it was daylight at