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Less than 7 min. my foot!

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Ok maybe you can get a seven minute install on a harley or a victory or most any other bike. But on a 1998 Suzuki Intruder 1400 with original factory grips it just ain't gona happen. The clutch side is a breeze goes on nice just like kyle says it will. "BUT!" That throttle side on the 98 1400 Intruder is going to take a few hours of hand sanding if you have the original grip on the throttle side. I just spent 4 hours sanding mine down by hand All the little ribs on the throttle tube will need to be sanded down flush to the tube as well as the lip rings on the tube at the top of the controls.Before you can even get close to getting the grip on. If you think only going half way is a good idea, think again all the way or not at all I found was the case with mine. Even than I had to soap the last inch of the grip to get a correct fit. In retrospect I probably should have gone to the shop for this install and had a professional install thiese grips. If you are like me and you have a late model bike save your self some some stress and get a new throttle tube as well or let a professional do it. I've only had these about a week and started my install 7/25/2015.

A bigger tube of the Black Widow adhesive or even a tube of Loctite Super Glue (Gell) would be handy.
Review Pros: 
They really make my (Sweet baby Yumyum) Intruder 1400 look sharp. They feel better and bigger than the factory grips to. I feel like I have more control over the bike as well. My hands don't feel numb after a long ride.
Review Cons: 
The only big complaint I think I can find is Kuryakyn doesn't really supply enough adhesive to complete the install. the two tube that they do supply only give you about 2 small drops of adhesive for both grips. and the adhesive sets up father than krazy glue so you have to be really quick with getting your grips in place.
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Standard wrenches
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< 1 Month


I also saw these grips come with a new throttle sleeve,but I used my old one

Nick I just checked over on cruser customizing website and if kurykan is including a new throttle tube with the grips there nto posting it on the site yet. ot a nice thought though. almostas much as supplying more than a two dorp sample of the grip glue to hold them in place would

check this vid,he puts them on in 2 mins
you tube is good for vids for everything
you might have to loosen the throttle cable assm on the bar first,then adj it,check it out

Ok nick let me just point out in that video the guy never actually shows a time stamp or the origninal throttle tube itself. Also that bike is newer than mine. that's an 03 mine is a 98. not to mention its a Volusia not an Intruder granded the two are simular. I'm still not using any of that as an excuss. However for me to get my throttle grip on the throttle tube itself. I had to sand down all the ribs on the plastic part of the tube that held the original grip in place with a sheet of 60 grit sand paper by hand. this took me 4 hours. after I spent the 4 hours prepping the tube then yes it slide right on. oh and one other very important bit of info you missed look at. The grips that guy has their not karyakan grips. listen to his video he admit's the ones he has are chinese copies of the kuryakan grip. Clearly no comparision what so ever.

ha,yeah I know,but its just to give you some ideas,mine didn't have any ribs on it,guess I'm lucky
I know it sucks when you have to mod things yourself,but nice when you get it done,ha
I put pipes on that I had to go out and buy a sawsall to slit the pipes to fit tight,but it was worth it when I got done
if you add aftermarket parts,you might have to do some mods to get them to work,but do it yourself,and save money
a guy on here with same bike as me,brought his to the dealer to install same pipes,charged him 200 to put them on
so I did it myself and had 200 to put more chrome on my bike,ha

Yeah I have to take my bike to the shop or do it in someone elses yard according to my lease. my land lord wasn't impressed after one of my neighbors told her I was doing major surgery to the handle bars of my the time I have this bike all teaked out my grandson is never going to believe it was once an