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Chrome and Black Traditional Feature.

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If you have handlebar stereo speakers DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM. There is no placement on your handlebars that the magnetic field from your speakers WILL NOT influence the reading of this compass. To make the compass light work I had to remove the center chrome speedometer console cover to do the wiring to the motorcycle ignition switch wires underneath. The silver (-) wire was grounded to a bolt in the bike frame and the copper (+) was spliced into a hot wire from the ignition switch. With the console bolted back in place; I turned the ignition on and the green LED lit. I added more wire to the provided compass wire to create enough so the wires would reach under the tank, under the seats and back were I fasten the compass to the leftside backrest bar. I covered the wire w/ a chrome wire cover for appearance.  In this rear area I can only see it as I mount and/or dismount the bike.This compass WILL NOT be a navagational piece, it will be behind me as I drive:( The rear was the only spot on the bike that had no magnetic influence on the readings. I at least know the direction as I head out.

The LED wiring info needs to be in larger print. The provided gray wire needs to be longer. HAVE A BIG BUYER BEWARE NOTE ABOUT HANDLEBAR SPEAKER INFLUENCE!!! BEFORE PURCHASE.
Review Pros: 
The chrome bar ring/fastener/compass holder matches the surrounding chrome. The ring fits the bar tightly; it holds the black compass level. The compass lights up. There was a provided: Hex wrench, spare parts and 2 instruction sheets. The compass ball moves. The look of a compass in a car or on a boat and on a motorcycle is old school a traditional item/appearance.
Review Cons: 
The compass is black plastic and that makes it breakable in the bar location I chose. Magnetic interference from speakers makes the readings UNRELIABLE. The LED light is not bright. The instruction sheet's wiring directions were in small print. The provided gray lighting wire was very short. Because of magnetic speakers, etc. The compass location is useless during driving.
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Tools were included
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1-6 Months

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I'm keeping the compass in place on my bike. I'm not returning it or asking for a refund. Sometimes a purchase does not live up to your expectations. JUST MAN UP. It will always remind me that I need to BETTER think out my purchases.