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2010 Black
1300 V-Star
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McDowall Qld 4053
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Work in the computer industry in a National Role, lots of travel both in and out of Oz. Always happy to be home with the family and riding. Not a speed freak, nor a pub goer, I do like a beer or three ... more

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Been ridding since I was 14, I was lucky to be part of a kids Television school and we took bikes from Cairns to Cape York as part of a documentary, we used a shallow bottom barge to get around the main obstacles. As soon as I could get my license , I bought a bike same day, found out pretty quick that it was harder to make out on a bike so I bought a car (Fiat, but that's another passion).

Got married, had a couple of great kids (One special needs) and worked hard for another 25 years, after which the need to ride again became too high. Bought an XVS650 and rode it home without permission from the boss ( Tanya) she hated it for about a week and then saw how much I enjoyed riding, soon she came about and accepted it, she won't get on it though.

Now with a few more years riding skills, I have just upgraded to a XVS1300 VStar. Spent too much on accessories and can't wait to get it looking great and riding in the Brisbane and Gold Coast Hinterland.

Always looking for people to ride with, and I am keen to do a long ride for a cause.

July 4th, 1966