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Mexican Bloody Idiot
'01 Suzuki
800 Intruder Volusia
Points: 25,602
Friends: 255
H Matamoros Tamaulipas 87330
Joined: 7 years ago
Last seen: 1 year ago

Ok..... I'm anesthesiologist, living in Mexico, on the border with Tx USA.
Most the time I ride alone, only Rosie, my Nikon SL120 and me.... :P

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

As I said, I ride alone, Rosie has been my only one bike since January 2008. I've learned to ride with her, despite some stupid falls, I managed myself in how to brake, to make turns etc, etc. It take me many months of daily riding to gain confidence.
I'm a "do it yourself" lover, so, almost all the modification in the engine and body has been made by myself.

I'm one of the former moderators, co-founder of the MLC group, and HERE in the CCC I've made the most wonderful friends.

April 2nd, 1968