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Electra Glide Ultra Classic FLHTCU
Points: 9,863
Friends: 126
Brighton, CO 80601
United States
Joined: 9 years ago
Last seen: 2 years ago
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Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Personal motto:
$20,000 + 20 miles doesn't make you a biker!

Truck driver

Pacific Shipping

University of Hard Friggin Knocks

High school:
Duncanville High School

Interest and hobbies:
Bikes, Reading just about anything I can get my hands on, And football, Pro-college anything football is something I like.

I would like to meet:
Any of the people I've met on CC. They're good people. Not interested in meeting any celebrities, sports stars or politicians. I don't have any heroes, or idols or a leader. I rely on pure inner strength.

Best attribute:
Honest and straightforward. Can get along with pretty much anyone as long as they don't try to b.s. me. Will see straight through ya, been around too many truckdrivers ace!

Worst attribute:
Don't know how to be subtle. Will lay things out in the open, take it or leave it kind of guy. Am sometimes too honest to my own detriment.

Favorite bands and musicians:
At my age there are too many decades to cover and try to pin down my favorites from each genre. As long as it's good I'll listen, and I'm always willing to listen to someone that's new and trying to make a name for themselves. Guys I listen to the most, Travis Tritt, Stevie Ray Vaughn (THE Texas Tornado) and Robert Cray.

Favorite movies:
Again, too many to list. With 5 decades of movies I can't even think of all of them. The one that I'd watch again and again is, The Godfather.

Favorite TV shows:
Don't watch T.V. It's pablum for the masses. Never believe the news because they're lying to you. If you want to experience what it's like to be a mental patient on thorazine and in a haze, just watch the news or any newschannel. They don't tell you anything.

Favorite books, magazines, and writers:
Like all different books. One of my favorite writers I guess would be Jeffery Deaver. One of his books was "The Bone Collector". Great book and equally made movie. Favorite mags-anything bike related. Could care less about the skin mags. Waste of paper and brain intellect.

Favorite blogs and websites:
Cruiser Customizing
Bike Bandit
and any bike site that's worth a crap.

Favorite games, sports, and teams:
Football-Dallas Cowboys/Denver Broncos
Basketball-Who Cares!
Baseball-Boston Red Sox
Hockey-Detroit Red Wings

Favorite places:
Home-with her

Favorite stuff:
My bike, enough said.

Scary stuff:
What's to be scared of except the stupidity of our government and the idiotic greed of wall street. Other than that, everythings perfect, right?

My Pet:
Queen Cleopatra, our Mainecoon Cat

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Zodiac sign:

High school

$60,000 to $75,000

May 11th, 1960